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Longboard Wheels

Since the wheels are one of the most important parts of your longboard, we offer you an extra wide range.
The wheels are the part of the board where you can affect the ride the most. The wheels can be changed, whether your longboard accelerates much faster,
rather has a high top speed, how comfortable it drives over a bad surface or how easily your longboard will be slide.

Apart from the two most important characteristics of the wheels, namely the diameter and hardness, the wheels may have their ball bearings mounted in three different places in the wheels.
The wheels have the bearings either complete on the side, called side-set reels, complete in the middle of the wheels, called center-set reels, or even between these two variants, called off-set wheels.
The off-set wheels are the most common variant, as they combine the advantages and disadvantages of the other two wheel variants. Center-set wheels have the most grip and can also be turned around.
In addition, these wheels have a uniform abrasion. Side-set wheels have the least grip and are thus the easiest to slide. Unfortunately, they also have a conical abrasion.

wheel diameter:

The larger the wheels, the higher their final speed. In addition, large longboard wheels also logically drive better over poor road surfaces and are generally more comfortable and forgiving.

The smaller the wheels, the better their acceleration. The worse road surface you get here but also felt much faster.

wheel Hardness:

The hardness of the longboard wheels is given in a. The higher the value, the harder the wheel. Longboard wheels are available from about 75a to 99a.
The softer you buy your wheels, the more grip they have and the more comfortable they will be. Unfortunately, softer wheels are slower due to more grip.
The harder the wheels, the faster they will be and the less grip they have. Means that they can be brought into the slide much easier, at lower speed.
Very hard wheels are unfortunately also relatively bad road surface relatively uncomfortable to drive.

Wheel tread:

Also, how broad the wheel is, of course, plays a big role. It behaves similar to the diameter here. The wider the role, the more grip it will have, and the more comfortable it will ride.
Of course, the more contact there is with the ground, the greater the friction, which makes the wheels run slower. A narrow wheel moves faster and gets into the slide better with less grip,
but is a bit more uncomfortable to drive.

Measure the best before you buy, how much space you have to the deck, so there are no complications. If you buy too big wheels for your longboard, the fatal "wheelbites" will happen
and you will stop abruptly and be thrown off painfully. Of course, you can get a little more leeway by installing riserpads between deck and truck.