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Naish Kites - Premium Quality with Kiteboarding in Blood

If you use a Naish, you use more than just a kite, board or sail. You're part of thousands of people around the world with a passion for kiteboarding that goes beyond "just doing it". - When you drive a Naish, not only do you ride the best, you ride the best! Naish kites stand for High Performance Quality Kiteboarding & We have the latest models, ever-changing offers as well as 2nd Hand Naish Kites in stock at the Kite-Shop Berlin and will be happy to advise you as your personal Naish-Kites-Dealer of Trust!

Naish Kites History - The Naish Kite & Kiteboarding Story

Robby Naish, founder of Naish Kitesurfing & Kiteboarding became windsurfing world champion 24 times in total, is considered one of the pioneers of windsurfing and played a key role in the development of windsurfing standards that are still in force today. After 1979 his father's windsurfboard production had outgrown the "garage company" scale, Rick Naish founded his first company "Naishsails" in Maui Hawaii in 1999. His meanwhile three Naish companies produce products for wind, kite and stand up paddle riding.

Naish Kites Values ​​- The Naish Kite & Kiteboarding Vision

Naish are not afraid to go their own way, because with wind, water and waves in their blood, Naish team is always looking for new and exciting ways to reinvent kiteboarding & To set boundaries. Not least because of this, Naish Kites are now a world leader in windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP. With multiple world titles in each sport & With tens of thousands of sailing, kites and kiteboards under your belt, the Naish Kites Team Kiteboard Riding lives and breathes day after day. With innovative designs, excellent engineering, state-of-the-art production techniques and advanced materials, Naish Kites is one of the industry's leading kite & Kiteboarding Item manufacturers and stands as a sports brand - whether surfboards, stand up paddle, kitesurfing or windsurfing - for premium quality and high performance products.

Naish Kites Range - The Naish Kite & Kiteboarding Familiy

Windsurfing, surfboard, kiteboard or SUP, with a Naish Kite product you can be sure to have exactly what you need to take your riding skill to the next level, regardless of your ability. Naish delivers premium quality kite boarding products you can rely on, day after day, session after session, year after year.

Naish Torch - Competition & Performance Freestyle Kiteboarding

With the Naish Torch you get a Competition & Performance freestyle machine for powerful freeriding and unhooked surfing. The Naish Torch is the state-of-the-art C-kite for the freestyle competition, the king of the air, as this kite has more than surpassed the limits of what has ever been thought possible.

Naish Pivot - Freeride / Freestyle Performance Kiteboarding

The Naish Pivot on the other hand is the ideal kite for demanding kite surfers looking for a good freeride performance. Its ability to spin on incredibly tight axles without aggressive pull makes this kite perfect for jumps, big swells and everything in between. In addition, the Naish Pivot gives you, thanks to its predictable, direct nature & Intuitive Steerability the confidence boost you need to learn new tricks and jumps!

Naish Slash - Pure Wave / Strapless Performance Kiteboarding

Who Pure Wave & Strapless Fun is looking for the, Naish SLASH Wavekite, which has been newly registered in the Naish Range since 2017. Equipped with Quad-Tex - a revolutionary new 4-fold reinforced ripstop, which is 30% stronger & better. Stiffer than any other kite material on the market, the Naish Slash is intuitive, durable and dynamic.

Naish Fly & Nasih Trip - Lightwind / Foil Riding Kite / Hydro Foil

Low wind conditions? - No problem: Plan a few more days on the water with the next trip, because you have your Naish Fly with you! But the Naish Trip loves Lightwind & However, Foil impresses with the incredibly light, strutless design & delivers the wind range of larger kites, while maintaining the fast, accurate turning smaller. Ideal for Hydro Foil Foiling, Foil Racing & Light wind with perfect travel size. - What more do you want?

Naish Park HD - High Definition Freestyle Kiteboarding

Designed for aggressive Freeride & Freestyle riders, the Naish Park in High Definition, the freestyle expert of the Naish Kite Range in the high performance with easy handling & Stability even in extreme conditions for unbelievably forgiving driving.

Naish Ride - All-Around Performance Kiteboarding

Naish Ride you're spoiled for choice because as a high performance "to go" kite, the Naish Ride offers both a wide range of styles & styles. Skill levels as well as easy jumping with this beautiful "sheet-in-and-go" feel. Guaranteed no everyday but certainly a kite for every day!

Naish Boxer - One-Stride Freeride Foiling Kite

New in the range since In 2017, the Naish Boxer 2017 is the proverbial Yes-Man - eager to be easy to control and to help you explore your own style. A light, forgiving kite that just has to be fun!

Naish DASH - High Performance Freestyle Freeride Kite

Naish Dash < On the other hand, it is dedicated to those who want to cross borders, challenge themselves and follow their own paths. A powerful freeride & Freestyle performer for all those hardcore kites with the skills to unleash these strengths.

Naish Alana Series - Womans best Kiteboarding Friends

Unique in the Kiteboarding and SUP market is the Naish Alana Kite Series. Specially designed for women, Naish offers with this kiteboarding & SUP Product Series from Twintip to Kite & Kite bar to SUP board an extraordinary range of kite & Kiteboarding products exclusively for women & their demands for ambitious kiting are developed and produced. With a Naish Alana, true to Naish's motto, women can finally go their own way in kite sports.

Whether you want to buy a new kite, test kite or Naish kite on sale, we have it for you online or at Kiteshop Berlin & Of course, we will advise you personally on all kiteboarding, SUP and kitesurfing questions!