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The Bushings are the rubbers in your trucks that allow you to change the intensity of the steering. Of course, there are Bushings in all kinds of hardness.
Like the longboard wheels, the bushings are specified in hardness grade "a". They usually exist in hardnesses between 75a and about 99a.

Furthermore, there are Bushings in various forms. Cone bushings are easier to steer and have less rebound. Cylindrical bushings have a better rebound, but need a little more pressure during the steering movement.
Often, a combination with a cylindrical bushing below and a conical on top is the most consistent. But here's just one thing to help you: order different ones and try out which set-up you like best.

Bushings, which have a much broader center in the middle, are less widespread. These have a limit in the steering behavior. For normal use you will not need this type of bushing.

If you have any further questions about Bushings, our expert staff is happy to help.