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    • Kites

      Kites - Kitesurfing

      In this category you will find all kitesurfing kites that we have in our assortment.
      Broken down into the two main categories: Tubekites and waterstartable Softkites / Foilkites.

      Here you'll find all the kites you can go kitesurfing with. From the brand-new models of all major brands, to discontinued models from previous years, to older bargains and remaining stock.
      There´s something for everyone.

      In the subcategory "Tubekites" you'll find all kites with which you are able to kitesurf. A more detailed explanation is available in the corresponding category.

      The water-based softkites have the great advantage that you can use them both on the water and on land.
      Again, a more detailed explanation is available in the corresponding category.

      Among others, we carry kites of the brands: North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Core Kites, Slingshot, Liquid Force, Gaastra Ga-Kites,
      Naish, RRD, Ocean Rodeo, Ozone, Wainman, JN and many more. Everyone has to find something here!

    • Kite Bars

      Kite Bars - Kitesurfing

      Here you will find all the kite bars, to all kites that we have in our assortment.

      The kite bar is the complete "steering unit" of the kite, including lines, chickenloop, etc.

      In general, you should always buy the right bar for the kite. Especially for kite beginners this rule is very essential.
      If you've been kitesurfing for a long time and have the necessary knowledge, you can definitely use bars of different brands for your kites.
      But with extreme caution! The mixing of different brands of kites and bars can also be very dangerous!

      Kite bars come in many varieties. They are available with 4 or 5 lines, with Single Front Line Safety or Double Front Line Safety,
      in different widths and also with different lengths of leashes. Which safety system and whether you need a 4 or 5 line bar,
      depends on the kite with which you want to use the bar. The bar is largely a matter of taste.
      In general, however, you fly smaller kites with narrower bars, wider bars make the small, fast kites even faster. For large light wind kites, on the other hand,
      you absolutely need a very wide bar so that the kites do not get too indirect. With the different line lengths, it is quite similar.
      Short lines are more direct in steering, but take a bit of light-wind capability of the kite as they reduce the wind window.
      For longer lines, the opposite applies. In general, the lengths of the lines of the bar vary between 17 and 31 meters. The first bar to buy is the standard length of 24 meters.

    • Sets Kite + Board

      Sets Kite + Board

      For all those who are looking for a cheap set for kitesurfing, you are in the right place.
      We compiled complete kite sets for the absolute lowest price so that you get on the water as fast as possible.

      Our sets are perfectly matched boards and kites. We constantly have changing complete packages for you.
      Whether you already have a harness or a wetsuit, or you really need a complete set of gear, everyone should find what they are looking for with our various sets.
      With the kite and board sets we offer here, we do not simply count the individual prices together, but of course you will enjoy a considerable price advantage once again.
      The cheap kitesurfing complete sets are extremely popular and therefore sold out pretyy fast. So do not wait too long and secure one immediately, so you can go kiting with your own equipment as fast as possible!

    • Kiteboards

      Kiteboards - Kitesurfing

      Kiteboards of all kinds can be found here in this category. Not only do we stock all of the big name manufacturers, we also offer kiteboards from smaller companies that are handmade.
      Thus, we can offer you a very large and perfectly balanced kiteboard range.

      Whether you want to start with your first twintip, a lightwindboard or even a freestyle or wakestyle kiteboard, here you'll find all the twintips the kitesurfing heart desires.

      If you're bored with your twintip, perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a kite wave board. Relive the beginning of your kite career, starting almost from scratch with a waveboard.

      Even if you are looking for the absolute light wind weapon, you are exactly right here in the Kiteboards category.
      With the Hydrofoil Kiteboards rinding under 10 knots is actually possible. Of course, always combined with the right kite and the appropriate driving skills.
      With the Hydrofoil Kiteboard you can fly over the water and are completely unimpressed by any chop.

      For all kitesurfers with skateboard roots, a wakeskate is just the right tool. With such a kiteboard you can transfer all the tricks you´ve already mastered on a skateboard to the water.

      In addition, we have the most important split kiteboards, so your prices of kite travels are not driven by enormously high costs of bulky goods and sports baggage in the air.

      And all speed freaks will find what they are looking for in the Raceboard category.

      Of course, you will find more detailed explanations of all kiteboards in the subcategories as well as in all the individual articles.

    • Pads & Straps

      Pads & Straps - Kitebindings

      We have the right pads & straps / bindings for all boards.

      Ideally, you should always choose the appropriate Pads & Straps of the same brand for your Kiteboard.
      In most cases, although many bindings of other brands fit on your boards, but unfortunately not always.
      Almost all kite manufacturers offer a simple pad & strap combination and a significantly higher quality binding with a multiple more adjustment and customization options.
      The cheaper version is often somewhat variable from the mounting width and can therefore be used on kiteboards of other brands.
      The better Pad & Strap combinations usually have a different mounting width, which may differ from the norm. Be sure to check in advance if the pads and straps you have chosen will fit on your kiteboard.

      There is basically no such thing as "the best" pad & strap combination, because each foot has a different fit. And it should also be said that not necessarily the more expensive version is also the best.
      The high-quality bindings with more adjustment options offer a better and firmer grip for the foot in any case, but the inexpensive pads & straps sometimes have more room for a relaxed ride.

      Of course, we also carry all common wakeboard bindings / boots. Riding with strong bindings always requires a safe handling of the kite and also increased driving skills.
      But then nothing stands in the way of driving with kite boots. It is not reserved exclusively for contest riders. As long as you have mastered your first unhooked tricks, you can risk the boots!

    • Finnen

      Fins - for twintips and waveboards/ surfboards

      We stock a large selection of Fins for Twintips as well as for Waveboards.

      In general, you should always choose Fins of the corresponding brand from which you own the board when buying fins.
      The distance between the srews of the twintip fins are standardized and therefore fit on all kiteboards.
      However, there are still manufacturers who do not use the usual M6 screws, but use thinner screws with their fins.
      Be sure to pay attention to your choice of Fins.

      Standard size for twintip Fins usually are around 5cm. For a slightly looser driving experience, you buy a bit shorter Fins.

      For Waveboard Finns there are 2 different systems to look out for when buying.
      On the one hand, the FCS system, in which two grub screws fix the fin laterally. On the other hand,
      the Future Fins system in which the fin is fixed only with a grub screw on the front edge.

      The brand new FCS 2.0 system only requires the fins to be snapped into the board. FCS 1.0 fins can still be used here.

      Qualitatively there are much bigger differences with the Waveboard Fins than with the Twintip Fins.
      The different materials are also noticeable when driving with the Waveboard. For a beginner it´s barely noticable whether you´re using a carbon fibre fin or plain PVC.

    • Handles


      In our handle section you will find kite handles suitable for all kiteboards. Pay attention to the right measurements as they vary from one brand to another.

      For those who are struggling to find a suitable kiteboard grab handle , we have universally fitting handles with variable widths.

      Of course, a handle is absolutely essential if you want to practice boardoffs.

    • Kite Pumps

      Kite Pumps - Kitesurfing

      Here you will find the right kite pump for each of your kites.

      If you want to be on the safe side, you remain with a manufacturer of kite and kite pump.
      Then you can be sure that the right adapters are included and no air is passing by.

      Many manufacturers now use special valves on their kites, so you'll need the appropriate adapter to inflate.
      So make sure you choose the right kite pump.

    • Kitesurf Leashes


      Here you will find all the Kite leashes we have in our assortment.

      From kite safety leashes, to kite surf board leashes, to well-known kiteboard roll leashes for twintips, you'll find what you're looking for in this category.

      A safety leash is absolutely essential in your kite equipment. The Kite Leash is your connection from the harness to the kite and is your last safety function.
      If you are using your quick release function, the kite will drop to the water and is still connected to you via the safety line.
      If there is still danger, the Safetyleash has another way to disconnect. It is simply pushed or pulled depending on the safety leash and you are disconnected.
      Each harness has a safety line. Which brand you choose is up to you, here every leash really fits every brand. There are still differences in the length of the safety lines.
      As a beginner, if you are not riding unhooked, a short line, which is attached to the front or to the side of the harness, is sufficient.
      These short leashes also make sense, as they do not unnecessarily hang between the legs. Only if you want to dare to attempt a Raley, a longer safety line is essential.

      The Surfboard Leash is a classic leash for the connection between body and waveboard / surfboard. When kiting these should only be used by experienced riders. Especially as a waveboard beginner,
      if it throws you from the board, you should rather drag to the board. Otherwise, the board can be rebounded by the leash during the fall and cause major injuries.

      For the same reason you should NEVER use a normal leash on the Twintip. As the only leash for a twintip, a roll leash should be used to eliminate the catapult effect.

      If you want the benefits of a leash without using one you should buy the Ocean Rodeo Go Joe the only alternative to an regular kite leash. The Go Joe is a kiteleash without a leash.
      It acts as a water wing, which raises the board after a fall, so that it floats downwind faster. Buy all kite safety leashes, kiteboard leashes and kite roll leashes for cheap in our kiteshop or online.


    • Kite Jump Height Measuring

      Kite Jump Height Measuring

      You always wanted to know how high you jump with your kite? Then you are exactly right here.

      Here you will find everything about the jump height measurement for kitesurfing.
      With the various jump altimeters, for example, you can measure your jump height, airtime, impact forces, as well as the distance traveled / average speed, etc.

      Take yourself to the next level by pushing yourself further and gaining new heights.

      The different manufacturers rely on different procedures. The jump height measurement is partly calculated by multiaxial acceleration sensors and partly additionally by GPS data.

      Jump height measurement is the next big trend. Be part of it and compete with the rest of the world!

    • Windmesser
    • Kitesurf Zubehöhr
    • Books & DVDs

      Books & DVDs

      Of course, we also provide you with interesting books and DVDs about kitesurfing, so that you´ll have something to do on windless days.

      We stock an ever-changing range of different kite books and kite DVDs.

      Our book selection usually ranges from various Kite Spot Guides to the well-known Tricktionary.
      If you've always wondered what all the tricks you see in the World Cup and the kite videos are called, let alone how they work,
      then you need just that: the Tricktionary!

    • Sunscreen


      We also supply you with the appropriate sunscreen. Of course, the sunscreens that you buy from us are waterproof.
      In the assortment we have in addition to the usual sun cream for the whole body, also special creams for face and lips.

    • Kite-Sunglasses


      We stock a large selection of kite sunglasses for you. The glasses come, unless otherwise described, with a strap for a secure fit on the head.
      So it still keeps the sunglasses locked on your head, while you perform your best moves. Many of the glasses also have an extra leash to attach to the body,
      so that the sunglasses have not completely disappeared, if it should slip off your face. Of course, there are also differences in the quality of the glasses,
      as is the case with "normal" sunglasses. A polarized kite sunglasses make especially sense when used on the water.

    • Beachbuggy & Rolly

      Just what you need at the beach. A trolley that serves as a chair and that helps you get all your gear from the car to the water.

    • Surfwax


      Of course, we also stock a large selection of surfwax for you. Anyone who uses a waveboard / surfboard will not be able to do so without good surfwax.
      It does not matter if you want to do without pads on your wave board, or if you only want to wax between the front and the back deckpad.
      You can not do it without Surfwax completely. And who wouldn´t want to, where there are many delicious fragrants?
      You might even just get one as an air freshner.

      Selecting the perfect wax is depending on the water temperature in which you will be traveling.
      Even for the use in our native areas: North and Baltic Sea you will need 2 different variants Surfwax.

    • Kites by brands
    • Kiteboards by brands


    Everything you need for kite surfing can be found here.
    We have a huge selection of different Tubekites and Foilkites in stock. For every riding style you will find your perfect kiteboarding equipment here.

    Our kiteboards, divided into 6 different categories, cover every subject area that may interest you. From twintips and waveboards, to wakeskates and splitboards,
    to the special hydrofoil boards and raceboards, there's something for every taste.
    Are you bored with your normal twintip? Then expand your repertoire and learn new tricks with the Waveboard, or be the first on the water, with the hydrofoil board.
    We´ve got something for every kitesurfer.

    All the essential accessories can also be found here. Whether it's just a kite pump, a safety leash, new bindings or fins, or you´re just wishing to expand your skills with a DVD or tricktionary.
    Doesn´t matter! In the category Kitesurf you will find everything.