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    • Waist Harness - Women

      Waist Harness - Women

      The harness is one of the most important purchases in your kite gear and should therefore fit absolutely perfect.

      Optimal fit is particularly important for a women's waist harness as the harness covers a relatively small area on the back and thus has to transfer the brute force of the kite well.
      In no case buy a men's waist harness in a smaller size, as the proportions will not fit. The special ladies waist harnesses achieve noticeably more comfortable results.

      In general, you have much more freedom of movement in a waist harness than in a seat harness.
      In addition, the harness hook is closer to the center of gravity, which offers great advantages especially in rotations.
      The waist harness must be very tightly closed, to ensure a good grip. You most certainly will think it`s too tight at the beginning.
      As soon as the kite pulls on the waist harness, the situation relaxes noticeably and you realize why it has to be tied up so tight at the beginning.

    • Seat Harness - Women

      Seat Harness - Women

      We stock every seat harness for women, that the market hass to offer. Also in the seat harness women should clearly resort to the special women's model and not on a men's seat harness in a small size.
      A ladies seat harness is fundamentally different in section from a men's seat harness.

      A women's seat harness is particularly suitable for kite beginners who still have the kite mainly straight above themselves, which generates a lot of upward pull.
      The harness does not slide upwards through the extra leg straps. For the small restriction in the freedom of movement,
      you gain a lot of comfort. As with the waist harnesses there are of course many different shapes, none of them is THE best. It is important that it fits as good as possible.

    • Waist Harness - Men

      Waist Harness - Men

      As the connection between kite and body, the kite waist harness is one of the most important elements of your kite gear.
      Since a kite can develop a great deal of power, a well-fitting waist harness is essential to protect your back.

      The right fit of the waist harness is absolutely essential when deciding on a model.
      Since everybody is shaped differently, there is no general idea of ​​the "best" waist harness.
      It should fit as comfortably as possible right at the first fitting and not cause any uncomfortable pressure points.

      Generally, there are men's waist harnesses that are tuned towards wave or freeride / freestyle. However, this never means that you can not use them in a different field of application,
      but rather that they offer advantages in the intended scope. Men's waist harnesses, which are described as Wave Waist harnesses, offer a high degree of freedom of movement and slide back and forth to the side of the body.
      This feature is particularly beneficial when kitesurfing in the wave, as you very often switch to ride toeside and heelside.
      If the waist harness can then move a bit sideways, it makes riding a lot more comfortable. Often, these Wave waist harnesses are cut a bit narrower than Freeride waist harnesses.

      Freeride / Freestyle waist harnesses usually cover significantly more area on the back.
      This type of harness will always stay in place even when pulling from the side and will not wander sideways around the body.
      If you have your main focus on freeriding or many jumps, then this kind of waist trapeze is also the better choice.

      Another elemental difference in the mens waist harnesses is whether they are rubberized on the inside, or are merely lined with fabric.
      A mens waist harness, which has a rubber coating on the inside, will also slip less sideways than one that is lined with fabric only.

      The optimal function of a mens waist harness is only given if it is sufficiently tightly closed. Once the kite is hooked into the waist harness, it will release the pressure from your hips.

      Should you have any further questions on the topic of mens waist  harnesses, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Seat Harness - Men

      Seat Harness - Men

      Just like the mens waist harness, the good fit in a seat harness is of great importance.

      A mens seat harness is clearly the more comfortable option. The harness will not slide up because the seat harness has extra leg straps that hold it in place.
      Especially as a kite beginner a mens seat harness has great benefits, since you will have the kite mostly right above you and the harness then tends to slide up.
      The harness hook is the lower on a seat harness than on waist harness. This significantly shortens the way to the upper end of the depower line.
      Especially smaller persons, or men with shorter arms therefore like to ride a seat harness.

      Often the mens seat harness is also simply stamped as a beginner's harness. Of course this is completely incorrect.
      Whether you want to grab a waist or a seat harness, is up to you, it is purely a matter of taste. The seat harness has advantages and disadvantages as well as the waist version.

      We also have so-called hybrid harnesses in the assortment. These are seat harness and waist harness at the same time.
      These are usually full waist harnesses with extra leg straps. Thus, you have the advantages of of a seat harness, so that the harness does not slide up.
      In the later part of your kite career, you can then simply remove the extra straps and thus transforms your seat harness into a waist harness.

      We have nearly all men seat harnesses, which the market has to offer, in stock, in order to be able to offer you a particularly broad assortment.

      If you still have questions about mens seat harnesses, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • children Harnesses

      Kinder Trapeze

      Natürlich gibt es auch für unsere Nachwuchs Kitesurfer spezielle Kindertrapeze. Da das Trapez die Verbindung zwischen Körper und Kite ist, ist es ein sehr wichtiger Bestandteil der Kite Ausrüstung. Das Trapez muss sehr große Kräfte des Kites möglichst bequem auf den Körper übertragen. Aus diesem Grund muss ein Trapez sehr gut passen.

      Speziell Bei Kindern im Wachstum ist daher ein gutes Kinder Trapez von großer Bedeutung. Bitte kauft eurem jungen Nachwuchs unbedingt ein spezielles Kinder Trapez und greift nicht auf kleine Herren Trapeze zurück. Auch eine XS aus dem Herren Trapez Bereich ist meist noch um einiges zu groß. Die Kinder Trapeze unterscheiden sich natürlich außerdem vom Schnitt von gewöhnlich Trapezen. Alle Kinder Trapeze sind Sitztrapeze, da ein Hüfttrapez absolut optimal sitzen muss. Dies gestaltet sich natürlich schwierig, da die kleinen sehr schnell wachsen und das Trapez dann wieder unbrauchbar wäre. Ein Kinder Sitztrapez kann aus diesem Grund ein Stück weit mehr mitwachsen und kann so einfach länger genutzt werden.

      Falls ihr noch weitere Fragen zum Thema Kinder Sitztrapeze habt, steht euch unser fachkundiges Personal natürlich gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.

    • Women Impact Vests

      Women's Impact Protection Vest - Impact Vest

      An impact protection vest can make many kitesurfing a lot more relaxed. Even if you practice your first tricks, many falls on the same spot can quickly become uncomfortable. A ladies impact protection vest can be of great advantage. The impact protection vest absorbs a lot of the resulting energy of the fall and makes it much less painful.

      In general, a distinction is made between women's waist and seat harnesses for women's anti-impact vest. In the hip protection vest, the lower padding row is missing so that the harness can sit more comfortably on the vest. In addition, by the edge to the first padding row and the high slide of the trapezoid is further prevented. If you are with the size of your hip trapeze anyway with the size at the top, it will be an advantage that the ladies impact protection vest at this point is slightly thinner. In women's impact protection vest for seat harnesses, the padding goes all the way to the lower part of the vest.

      In principle, an impact protection waist vest for hip harnesses has only one advantage. The consistently padded ladies impact protection vests can of course be used for hip harness. Especially for those of you who also wakeboard, this variant can be a good compromise, as you can then use the impact protection vest for both sports.

      Also with impact protection vests it is extremely important to use a special ladies model. Of course, they differ fundamentally on average from a men's impact protection vest.

      There are women's impact vests with zipper and without. The version with zipper facilitates entry into the impact protection vest. The vests without a zipper are much closer to the body and can therefore slip less.

      Women's impact protection vests naturally also have a certain amount of lift due to their material. However, they are never full-fledged life jackets / buoyancy vests.

      If you have any questions about women's impact protection vests, our expert staff is of course available to help and advise.

    • Men Impact Vests

      Men's Impact Protection Vest - Impact Vest

      At the latest, if you dare to do your first tricks, it's time for your first vest. Even with tricks from low altitude, it can be painful if you want to perfect them and repeatedly falls on the same spot. An impact protection vest can make many falls much more pleasant. The Men's Impact Protection Vest absorbs a great deal of the resulting energy.

      In general, men's bumpers are chosen between models for waist harnesses and seat harnesses.

      The impact protection vest for seat harnesses is also suitable for use in the wakeboard area. The padding ducrch down to the lower end in this type of vest and thus offers the highest level of impact protection. Of course this vest can also be used with a hip harness.

      The vest for hip trapeze is missing the padding at the bottom. This allows the waist harness to sit much more pleasantly on the body. Especially if you are at the top end with the size of your trapeze, you should grab this variant of Impact Protection Vest to add as little material as possible between harness and body. Also, who has problems with the sliding up of the trapezoid, will be pleased with an impact vest for Hüfttrapeze. Due to the resulting edge to the first padding row of the impact protection vest, the slipping is even more prevented.

      Impact protection vests, there are also with and without zipper. The vest with zipper makes getting started much easier. For this, impact protection vests without zippers sit much closer to the body and slip less.

      In case of doubt, buy your impact vest a little tighter than bigger. Over time, the West gives way a little. And to prevent slippage of the trapeze and the impact protection vest, one always wears them a little firmer on the body.

      Men's impact protection vests naturally also have a certain amount of lift due to their material. However, they are never full-fledged life jackets / buoyancy vests.

      If you have any questions about men's anti-impact vest, our expert staff is of course available to help and advise.

    • Helmet for Watersports

      Helmets - Water Sports

      Anyone who has fallen from a faster ride knows how hard water can suddenly be. So even in water sports quite a helmet is not out of place. Especially when driving in dangerous, rocky areas, a helmet can be very important. Even in busy areas, where there may still be many kite beginners on the water, a helmet can protect you from bad injury in clashes.

      Another huge advantage (probably even the biggest) of the water sport helmet, are the earmuffs. In case of a strong side impact on the water without a helmet, it can quickly burst an eardrum. For most helmets, the earmuffs can also be removed.

      The water sports helmet should be as close as possible to the head, without triggering pressure pain from the beginning. Many of the higher quality helmets are still slightly variable in size and can be adjusted.

      Of course you can use the helmets that we carry not only for kitesurfing, but also for wakeboarding, kayaking etc.

      If you still have questions about water sports helmets, our expert staff is of course available to help and advice.

    • Trapeze nach Marken

    Harness & Protection

    Since harnesses & protection are two of the most important elements in kite surfing, we have a huge selection of models, so we can offer you exactly the right one.

    The harness is your connection between body and kite and therefore the most important element in your kite equipment.
    A kite can generate tremendous power, which is often underestimated by beginners. The kite harness needs to be really perfect, so you will not suffer any back damage.
    In addition, the whole session will not be fun for you if the harness is constantly sliding up because it does not suit you well.
    The harnesses are really the very last point, where you should save money. Since we always have harnesses from previous years from many brands, you can still save a lot of money.

    In general, a distinction is made in kite harnesses between the waist harness and the seat harness.

    The seat harness is the more comfortable option, allowing you to extend your session by a few minutes in comparison.
    Furthermore, the problem of slipping up on a seat harness naturally falls away, as it is equipped with extra leg straps.
    The downside is that it gives you less flexibility than a waist harness. For this reason you will not have so much fun in the long run with a seat harness if you jump a lot and want to do complicated grabs.
    Beginners are often advised to buy a seat harness. This makes sense, because the kite will be above you most of the time, so the harness wants to slide up as well.
    But as soon as you can ride at least a little bit, you will steer the kite lower to the ground and have less pull upwards.From then on a waist harness is definitely possible..

    The waist harness is clearly the more popular variant. It offers you much more freedom of movement than a seat harness and the harness hook is closer to the center of gravity.
    If a waist harness is bought to fit and, above all, closed tight enough, it will not slide up towards your breast. What kind of harness you will choose is therefore really a matter of taste.
    You will definitely have fun with both kinds.

    We also stock a large variety of impact vests and helmets. Any kitesurfer will definitely find something here!