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SUP Accessories

Of course, we also offer all the accessories you need for SUP Boarding. From thin neoprene clothing for spring to autumn, to dry suits for SUPping in winter,
to bags and smaller accessories around the topic SUP, we have everything for you in stock.

Also, when it is relatively warm, a thin wetsuit, or neoprene pants and top, can be of great advantage. With warm joints, the paddling is much easier and you can extend your session by a few hours.

The special drysuits for the SUP Sport are distinguished by a few features of conventional drysuits.
The most uncomfortable thing about a drysuit is the very tight latex neck seal, which is necessary to prevent water from entering the suit even when you hit the water at higher speeds.
However, as you won´t fall into the water whilst SUPping at high speeds, you do not need the very tight latex neck, as your head will probably stay above water.
The 2 alternatives are a neoprene neck seal, which is still tight in low-speed bails, or the neck opening without a cuff that simply closes tightly.
On the arms and legs the completely tight latex seals are preserved in both cases. The essential waterproof zipper is also installed on all SUP drysuits.
Furthermore, there is still the possibility to install any accessories such as other cuffs, pee zippers etc. with all SUP drysuits.

If you have any further questions about SUP accessories, our expert staff is of course available to help you.