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Showing 1 - 72 of 79 items

Snowkite / Landkite - Depower Softkite Shop

Every for Snowkiting and Landkiting - For experts and beginners

Do you know that ?: Your friends collect stamps, you collect snowkites and everything about snowkiting! Snowkiting and landkiting is what you secretly google from work, Snowkite magazines pile up on your table and vacation?
Snowkiting all day and after snowkiting you have only one topic: Snowkiting! - Oh yes, and anyway, summer is only the warmer winter, your snow kite is always at hand.
Snowkiting in the morning, snowkiting at noon, snowkiting in the evening and snowkiting, snowkiting, snowkiting !!! Snowkiting pure is everything you have in mind? Then you are exactly right here!

We have the most common snowkites and of course the top brands are always in stock at the Snowkiteshop Berlin,
plus a huge selection of harnesses, plenty of snowkites and always interesting testkite offers and if you have questions, we are happy to advise you personally!