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    • Wave-Kiteboards

      Wave-Kiteboards - Waveboards

      The twintip starts to bore you? Then the next step is clearly the purchase of a kite waveboard.
      A waveboard is not only fun in the waves, but also if you want to try strapless freestyle in flat water.
      Try to complete your first driving attempts and switching your front foot. Beginner Waveboards are characterized by their striking width and a relatively low rocker line.
      At the same time that makes them wonderful lightwind boards. The wide footprint and the large volume of beginner waveboards make it easier to learn the change of foot after the change of direction.
      Also, when you are ready for the wave, you don´t have to get a new waveboard. These boards are usually also for all waves that you will find in the North and Baltic Sea.

      When the next Hawaii trip is around the corner, it's probably time for a more lively board. Of course, the high variety shapes on waveboards can be confusing for a novice.
      Therefore, you will find in all article descriptions, the corresponding perfect field of application for the respective wave rider.

      With the optimal size of the waveboard, the guidelines are somewhat similar to the twintip. The size range here is a bit more a matter of taste and close to the area in which they will be traveling with the board.
      Roughly you could say, however, that the kite waveboards are selected by body weight. The individual manufacturers offer their waveboards in 3 different lengths. The medium size is intended for the "standard kiter" with 75-80kg.

      In contrast to conventional surfboards, kite waveboards are much more robust and therefore a bit heavier. They also offer the possibility to mount foot straps.

    • Twintip-Kiteboards


      The classic Twintip Kiteboard is usually the first kiteboard you will buy.

      There are twintips in endless different lengths and shapes. Very few Twintip Kiteboards are unsuitable for beginners.

      The first twintip for kite beginners is a lightweight kite board. The bigger the board, the easier it will be for you to get started with kitesurfing.
      Logically, with a lightwind kiteboard, you'll be able to ride a lot faster and learn to go upwind faster than by starting with a small sport kiteboard.

      Every Freeride, as well as Freestyle / Freeride Kiteboard is easy to handle for every beginner. Always assuming, of course,
      that you have already made some progress on your lightwind / beginner kiteboard and ride relatively good. The exact driving characteristics of the boards are of course explicitly listed in each description.
      If there are still questions after all, please call us. Our expert staff has already tested and compared most Twintip Kiteboards from our assortment to give you the best possible advice.

      For the more experienced among you, we also have a large selection of purebred freestyle and wakestyle twintip kiteboards in stock.
      Of course, we also have the right bindings for the radical wakestyle riders.

      We stock all the major twin tip kiteboard brands like North Kiteboarding, Cabrinha, Nobile, Gaastra GA-Kites, Liquid Force, Spleene, Brunotti, Tona, Core, JN, Carved, Wainman, RRD, Vampires and Slingshot.

    • Wakeskates


      Wakeskate Shop

      Try your skateboarding tricks on the water! No problem, because with a wakeskate you get water sports equipment, which can pulled like a wakeboard from a lift or boat, but can also be combined with a kite.
      A wakeskate you drive without binding.

      In addition to professional reworking, we always have a suitable offer for you in our Wakeskate Shop, if you are drawn from skateboarding to Cable Park or to the kite area!


    • Split-Kiteboards

      Split Kiteboards - never pay again

      Kite Splitboards are the latest innovation in the kite board market. They are the logical answer to the ever-increasing prices for kite luggage.
      It costs up to EUR 150.00 per way on a long distance flight to bring your kite gear. Nobile brought the kite splitboards in 2014 to a new and fantastic quality level.
      Precisely fitting dovetail connection with precisely functioning quick-release buckles results in a high-tech split kiteboard that can be easily transported in a large suitcase.

      Grab a split kiteboard and fuck all the airlines.

    • Carbon Kiteboards
    • Kite Raceboards - Speed Freeride

      Kite-Raceboards - Speed Freeride Kiteboards

      Do you want to reach new unimaginable speeds while kitesurfing? You really want to cruise against the wind and cover kilometers?

      Then it's time for your first raceboard!

      With Kite Raceboards, you'll reach speeds you would not even have achieved with your twintip at 30 knots in a bathtub.
      Of course, every other big lightwind twintip can´t stand a chance against a kite raceboard. You will hardly have days when the wind is not enough for kitesurfing.
      Besides, you will not believe what is possible with a Raceboard, when you´re suddenly driving angles against the wind.
      With a raceboard you´ll maybe even struggle to go back downwind, but never the other way around. The big Finns on raceboards really let you drive almost every conceivable angle.

      In the assortment we also have Speed ​​Freeride Boards in addition to the thoroughbred Kite Raceboards. These are a kind of mix of a waveboard and a raceboard.
      Ideal for long distances and kite exploration.

      The modern Kite Raceboards and Speed ​​Freeride Kiteboards allow high speeds and unbelievable upwind abilities, even under 10 knots of wind.

    • Kiteboards for women
    • Hydrofoil-Kiteboards Foilboards

      Hydrofoil-Kiteboard, Foilboard & Kitefoil Systems

      The next big trend is clearly the Hydrofoil Kiteboards. The dream of flying is finally fulfilled with a foilboard!

      What was previously reserved only for kitesurfers with large purses, now reaches the masses, as all well-known manufacturers have included Hydrofoil Kiteboards in their assortment.
      Finally, a hydrofoil is available at an affordable price.

      Not only that the Hydrofoil boards are finally cheaper, they have also been designed beginner friendly. Larger wings allow many of the Hydrofoil boards to glide at lower speeds, making it easier to get started with foiling.

      With the Hydrofoil, you can achieve speeds that you have only ever dreamed of with any other board, or have broken your knee joints in choppy water.
      With this board, you just glide over all the crappy chop. It really is a feeling of flying as you now hover about 1 meter above the water.

      In addition, it is possible to glide under 10 knots with a Hydrofoil Kiteboard. And the best part is that it works without huge 18, 19 or 20 m² kites.
      So you do not have to buy extra expensive light wind kites. The Foilboard alone will get you on the water with your existing quiver.

      Many of the Hydrofoil Kiteboards are also full-fledged waveboards. When the wind increases and the waves come, just quickly unscrew the wing of the hydrofoil and rip!

      We stock Kite Hydrofoil Foilboard of topbrands like: Liquid Force, Slingshot, North, Nobile, Cabrinha, Gaastra GA-Kites and Naish.

    Kiteboards - Kitesurfing

    Kiteboards of all kinds can be found here in this category. Not only do we stock all of the big name manufacturers, we also offer kiteboards from smaller companies that are handmade.
    Thus, we can offer you a very large and perfectly balanced kiteboard range.

    Whether you want to start with your first twintip, a lightwindboard or even a freestyle or wakestyle kiteboard, here you'll find all the twintips the kitesurfing heart desires.

    If you're bored with your twintip, perhaps it's time to treat yourself to a kite wave board. Relive the beginning of your kite career, starting almost from scratch with a waveboard.

    Even if you are looking for the absolute light wind weapon, you are exactly right here in the Kiteboards category.
    With the Hydrofoil Kiteboards rinding under 10 knots is actually possible. Of course, always combined with the right kite and the appropriate driving skills.
    With the Hydrofoil Kiteboard you can fly over the water and are completely unimpressed by any chop.

    For all kitesurfers with skateboard roots, a wakeskate is just the right tool. With such a kiteboard you can transfer all the tricks you´ve already mastered on a skateboard to the water.

    In addition, we have the most important split kiteboards, so your prices of kite travels are not driven by enormously high costs of bulky goods and sports baggage in the air.

    And all speed freaks will find what they are looking for in the Raceboard category.

    Of course, you will find more detailed explanations of all kiteboards in the subcategories as well as in all the individual articles.