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Showing 1 - 72 of 72 items

Neoprene shoes – neoprene socks, neoprene shoes and neoprene boots for kitesurfing, surfing & SUP

Coronation Berlin offers a large selection of neoprene shoes and therefore certainly also the right pair for your needs.

Why do I even need neoprene shoes?

Neoprene shoes, with their insulating function, ensure that you don't get cold feet while on the water in cooler temperatures. End of season? There is no such thing for you!
In addition, neoprene shoes protect your feet from injuries caused by pointed stones, corals or shells, depending on the spot. Special soles (such as the ProLimit Armoured or the ION Ballistic) are tread-proof against reefs, metal, glass and shells – only sea urchins win against pretty much anything. In addition, there are neoprene socks that come close to a barefoot feeling and thus provide a good board feeling in colder water conditions. The material of neoprene shoes is durable, hard-wearing, flexible and lightweight.  Whether kiting, surfing or SUP: every water sports enthusiast will need neoprene shoes sooner or later.

What are the differences between neoprene shoes?

As you can see, neoprene shoes are perhaps an underestimated all-rounder. Accordingly, they are available in various variants: from 2mm thickness for summer to 7mm thickness for winter, from neoprene socks to neoprene boots, with a gap for the toes (split toe) for more grip in neoprene shoes, for children, women and men.
Regarding the fit, your neoprene shoes should be tight so that the amount of water in the shoe is as little as possible and you have a good grip. At the same time, your toes should feel where the shoe ends, but not feel uncomfortable at the same time.

We will be happy to give you some more advice if you are unsure about which neoprene shoes are right for you.