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Hydrofoil-Kiteboard, Foilboard & Kitefoil Systems

The next big trend is clearly the Hydrofoil Kiteboards. The dream of flying is finally fulfilled with a foilboard!

What was previously reserved only for kitesurfers with large purses, now reaches the masses, as all well-known manufacturers have included Hydrofoil Kiteboards in their assortment.
Finally, a hydrofoil is available at an affordable price.

Not only that the Hydrofoil boards are finally cheaper, they have also been designed beginner friendly. Larger wings allow many of the Hydrofoil boards to glide at lower speeds, making it easier to get started with foiling.

With the Hydrofoil, you can achieve speeds that you have only ever dreamed of with any other board, or have broken your knee joints in choppy water.
With this board, you just glide over all the crappy chop. It really is a feeling of flying as you now hover about 1 meter above the water.

In addition, it is possible to glide under 10 knots with a Hydrofoil Kiteboard. And the best part is that it works without huge 18, 19 or 20 m² kites.
So you do not have to buy extra expensive light wind kites. The Foilboard alone will get you on the water with your existing quiver.

Many of the Hydrofoil Kiteboards are also full-fledged waveboards. When the wind increases and the waves come, just quickly unscrew the wing of the hydrofoil and rip!

We stock Kite Hydrofoil Foilboard of topbrands like: Liquid Force, Slingshot, North, Nobile, Cabrinha, Gaastra GA-Kites and Naish.