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Decks - Longboard

Of course we do not just have complete longboards for you, but also individual decks. Doesn't matter if you have destroyed your longboard deck,
you just want to upgrade, or you want to put together a complete longboard, this is the right category.

We stock longboard decks for every conceivable discipline, as well as in every length and shape.

The mounting holes for longboard axles are standardized. Thus, your truck definitely fits on any longboard deck.
You should only pay attention to how wide your truck is. If you do not own a small cruiser, your Longboard truck will most likely be 180mm wide and will be great for almost any longboard.
Narrower trucks, you will only need for very short cruiser decks, or extremely narrow decks.

Even if you choose a drop through or top mount deck, does not matter. Again, the same longboard trucks are used for each purpose.

Usually the longboard decks will be delivered without griptape (unless mentioned otherwise in the article). So don't forget to also put Griptape in the shopping cart.

Of course you will find more detailed descriptions of the decks in the individual article descriptions.

If you have any further questions about longboard decks, our expert staff will be happy to help and advise you.