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Rash Shirts & Watershirts - UV-Protection Shirts for Kitesurfing, Surfing & SUP

Coronation provides you with rash guards or rash vests and watershirts.

Whether you are kiting in hot regions or on hot summer days at your home spot, UV protection is essential and the sun should not be underestimated. It is well known that the sun's rays reflect on the water. If you don't want to squeeze yourself into your wetsuit on these warm days or during your kite holiday, the watershirt or rash guard / rash vest is the answer.   In addition, a rash guard provides a certain protection against wind and cold or an additional layer of warmth if worn as an undergarment under the neoprene suit. However, this effect is limited and should not be overestimated.

As the name rash guard suggests, the watershirt also protects surfers from the friction of the surfboard when paddling or prevents the kite harness from rubbing against the skin if you are not wearing a wetsuit. For water sports enthusiasts who are allergic to neoprene,  a rash guard or watershirt can be used as the saving additional layer between the wetsuit and the skin.

Coronation has several watershirts and rash guards / rash vests for men, women and children in stock.