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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Neoprene Wetbags - Wet bags and mats

Here you will find a selection of wetbags, wetsuit bags and changing mats.

This is a feeling all kitesurfers know: The day on the water was great, but it's about time to head home. Wetsuit, neoprene hat & Co. are still completely wet and sandy. Here the neoprene wetbag comes into play, in which you can gather all the stuff and take it home to your shower without messing up your car or getting your other luggage wet.

The wetbags also serve as a changing mat. If, for example, you stand on the mat when taking off your wetsuit, you will prevent sand, leaves, etc. from sticking to the wet wetsuit. So a wetbag is practically a must-have for kitesurfers and surfers.

Buy one of these practical helpers at Coronation's online shop or at the Megastore Berlin.