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Replacement bladder

We repair all kites and bladders here in Berlin. We can completely replace any type of bladder and just weld smaller peices. It does not matter if the bladder is torn open after a fronttube burst
or if your welds are no longer tight. We remove sections, the area is then replaced with new Bladdermaterial, leaking welds are rewelded or already rewelded Bladdermaterial can be replaced.

We implement everything on request and decide whether a repair or new production of the bladder makes sense. If necessary, we rebuild all variants of kite bladders, replace bladder valves of all kinds
and can offer any kind of kite bladder repair in Berlin.

Any repair of Kite Fronttube & Struts is gladly carried out by us, because here our experience with the various kite models comes into play.
We know the ever-reocurring vulnerabilities of different kites and have the experience needed to find great solutions and ensure the full functionality of your kite.

Do not go to just anyone, because in Kite Fronttube & Strut's Repairs all the work processes have to be in order to avoid a price explosion due to incorrect or unprofessional repair steps.