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Pads & Straps - Kitebindings

We have the right pads & straps / bindings for all boards.

Ideally, you should always choose the appropriate Pads & Straps of the same brand for your Kiteboard.
In most cases, although many bindings of other brands fit on your boards, but unfortunately not always.
Almost all kite manufacturers offer a simple pad & strap combination and a significantly higher quality binding with a multiple more adjustment and customization options.
The cheaper version is often somewhat variable from the mounting width and can therefore be used on kiteboards of other brands.
The better Pad & Strap combinations usually have a different mounting width, which may differ from the norm. Be sure to check in advance if the pads and straps you have chosen will fit on your kiteboard.

There is basically no such thing as "the best" pad & strap combination, because each foot has a different fit. And it should also be said that not necessarily the more expensive version is also the best.
The high-quality bindings with more adjustment options offer a better and firmer grip for the foot in any case, but the inexpensive pads & straps sometimes have more room for a relaxed ride.

Of course, we also carry all common wakeboard bindings / boots. Riding with strong bindings always requires a safe handling of the kite and also increased driving skills.
But then nothing stands in the way of driving with kite boots. It is not reserved exclusively for contest riders. As long as you have mastered your first unhooked tricks, you can risk the boots!