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Lines - Kitelines

No matter if you have torn a kite line or if you only want to try out shorter or longer lines on your kite, this is your category .

We offer you Kite Lines in different lengths and strengths for your Landkites.

The breaking load you want to use for your soft kite depends on the size of the kite and what you want to do with the kite.
If you want to use the kite for landkiting or snowkiting, it will usually be a little bit bigger anyway and should therefore be given stronger lines.
The fact that you work a lot against the kite, the kite lines must be very stable. Also, you'll want to jump with the kite. The lines must be able to carry you.

For smaller kites and if you are basically only kiting whilst standing, the kite lines may have a slightly lower breaking load.

Depower Softkite frontlines usually have a higher breaking load than the brake lines (Backlines).

The breaking load of kite lines is given either in decanewton (daN), kilopond (kp) or kilogram-force (kgf). Roughly you can transfer all these 3 units in the lines 1: 1,
the minimum differences are absolutely negligible. (At least, as long as you kite on planet Earth;))

If you have any questions about Kite Lines, our expert staff is happy to help.