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    • Longboard completes

      Longboard completes

      We stock hundreds of models of longboard complete boards for every taste and riding style.
      Doesn't matter, if you are a longboard beginner, or have been ambitious for years, you will find everything you need here.
      From complete boards for less than 50 € to absolute premium longboards everything is in stock. If you are still a longboard beginner, here is a short introduction to longboard selection:
      The different shapes of the decks on longboards offer you great advantages in different areas of application. At the same time, that does not mean that you can only ride the specified discipline with this longboard.
      So as long as you just want to ride through the city and you are not sure which discipline you want to do later, you can use every longboard for it.
      Of course, not every longboard is the best choice for easy cruising.

      A downhill longboard, for example, is usually characterized by greater rigidity and stability.
      Of course, this usually goes hand in hand with a bit more weight. For this reason, a downhill longboard will not be the first choice for cruising.
      A longboard for dancing should just have enough space and not be too crunchy. It is also advantageous if it is symmetrical and as constant as possible over the entire length.
      In addition, a longboard with top mount axle mounting is another big advantage here, so that the baseplate of the longboard axles does not bother you in your moves.

      Your first board should not be too short to keep it running smoothly. This will make learning much easier.

    • Dancer Longboards
    • Surf Skateboards
    • Mini Cruiser

      Mini Cruiser - Longboard

      A huge selection of mini cruiser boards awaits you here. You are a student and need a small board, which you can always and everywhere have?
      Or you need a small board, which saves you the annoying footpaths between public transport and workplace? Then you are ready for a mini cruiser.

      The small Mini Cruisers are extremely agile due to their very short wheelbase and thus the ideal companion for the city.
      The small cruisers are suitable for everyone. Even people with a slightly larger foot can easily ride such boards.

      Even as a travel companion, the small Mini Cruiser are the best choice, since they fit in every suitcase.

      And of course, as a second or third longboard offers a mini Cruiser, because it will drive fundamentally different. And it'll let you re-experience the fun you had on your first board at the beginning.

      If you have any further questions about Mini Cruiser, our expert staff is of course with advice and practical help.

    • Kinder Longboards
    • Decks

      Decks - Longboard

      Of course we do not just have complete longboards for you, but also individual decks. Doesn't matter if you have destroyed your longboard deck,
      you just want to upgrade, or you want to put together a complete longboard, this is the right category.

      We stock longboard decks for every conceivable discipline, as well as in every length and shape.

      The mounting holes for longboard axles are standardized. Thus, your truck definitely fits on any longboard deck.
      You should only pay attention to how wide your truck is. If you do not own a small cruiser, your Longboard truck will most likely be 180mm wide and will be great for almost any longboard.
      Narrower trucks, you will only need for very short cruiser decks, or extremely narrow decks.

      Even if you choose a drop through or top mount deck, does not matter. Again, the same longboard trucks are used for each purpose.

      Usually the longboard decks will be delivered without griptape (unless mentioned otherwise in the article). So don't forget to also put Griptape in the shopping cart.

      Of course you will find more detailed descriptions of the decks in the individual article descriptions.

      If you have any further questions about longboard decks, our expert staff will be happy to help and advise you.

    • Trucks

      Longboard Trucks

      Suitable for every longboard we offer you the right trucks. Doesn't matter if you want to upgrade your longboard only with high quality trucks,
      or if you put together a completely new one, you will find everything here.

      The Longboard usually uses reverse kingpin trucks / axles. The standard size for most boards is 180mm in width. Narrower axles are used only for very narrow or short cruiser longboards.
      Wider trucks are mostly used in the Donwhill range. The angle of the baseplates of the trucks can also vary. The default is usually 42 ° or 50 ° installed.
      Even smaller angles are significantly more stable and quiet running and therefore have an advantage in the downhill area again.

      Furthermore, we have some slightly more specialized trucks, such as the Carver Trucks or the trucks of original longboards. Exact descriptions can be found in the corresponding article descriptions of the trucks.

      As a rule of thumb: the narrower the trucks, the more agile the longboard will be. The opposite, of course, for wider trucks. The smaller the angle of the trucks, the stiffer the faster the ride.

      If you still have questions about longboard trucks, our expert staff is of course with words and deeds to the side.

    • Wheels

      Longboard Wheels

      Since the wheels are one of the most important parts of your longboard, we offer you an extra wide range.
      The wheels are the part of the board where you can affect the ride the most. The wheels can be changed, whether your longboard accelerates much faster,
      rather has a high top speed, how comfortable it drives over a bad surface or how easily your longboard will be slide.

      Apart from the two most important characteristics of the wheels, namely the diameter and hardness, the wheels may have their ball bearings mounted in three different places in the wheels.
      The wheels have the bearings either complete on the side, called side-set reels, complete in the middle of the wheels, called center-set reels, or even between these two variants, called off-set wheels.
      The off-set wheels are the most common variant, as they combine the advantages and disadvantages of the other two wheel variants. Center-set wheels have the most grip and can also be turned around.
      In addition, these wheels have a uniform abrasion. Side-set wheels have the least grip and are thus the easiest to slide. Unfortunately, they also have a conical abrasion.

      wheel diameter:

      The larger the wheels, the higher their final speed. In addition, large longboard wheels also logically drive better over poor road surfaces and are generally more comfortable and forgiving.

      The smaller the wheels, the better their acceleration. The worse road surface you get here but also felt much faster.

      wheel Hardness:

      The hardness of the longboard wheels is given in a. The higher the value, the harder the wheel. Longboard wheels are available from about 75a to 99a.
      The softer you buy your wheels, the more grip they have and the more comfortable they will be. Unfortunately, softer wheels are slower due to more grip.
      The harder the wheels, the faster they will be and the less grip they have. Means that they can be brought into the slide much easier, at lower speed.
      Very hard wheels are unfortunately also relatively bad road surface relatively uncomfortable to drive.

      Wheel tread:

      Also, how broad the wheel is, of course, plays a big role. It behaves similar to the diameter here. The wider the role, the more grip it will have, and the more comfortable it will ride.
      Of course, the more contact there is with the ground, the greater the friction, which makes the wheels run slower. A narrow wheel moves faster and gets into the slide better with less grip,
      but is a bit more uncomfortable to drive.

      Measure the best before you buy, how much space you have to the deck, so there are no complications. If you buy too big wheels for your longboard, the fatal "wheelbites" will happen
      and you will stop abruptly and be thrown off painfully. Of course, you can get a little more leeway by installing riserpads between deck and truck.

    • Bearings


      We stock longboard ball bearings / Bearings in all quality levels, as well as price ranges.

      Ball bearings are rated with the so-called ABEC (Annular Bearing Engeneering Committee) rating. The higher the ABEC number of a ball bearing,
      the better the quality. With a high ABEC number, the measurement tolerance for a ball bearing is significantly lower.
      This means that it can run better and faster. However, ball bearings with a high ABEC number are therefore also much more susceptible to dirt because there is less clearance between balls and housing.

      In general, the ABEC rating also loses more and more informative value. A very expensive ABEC 3 bearing will keep its quality much longer than a very cheap ABEC 9 bearing.
      Therefore, the price is a much clearer indication of the quality of the ball bearings.

      Furthermore we have various premium ceramic ball bearings in the assortment. This type of ball bearings have their advantage especially in the downhill area.
      Metal balls may expand at very high speeds and cause the ball bearing to malfunction. With ceramic ball bearings, you will not reach these temperatures.
      Furthermore, ball bearings made of ceramic are significantly less maintenance, since they run mostly dry and do not require extra oils or fats.

      If you have any questions about ball bearings / Bearings, our expert staff will help you with advice and practical help.

    • Griptape

      Griptape - Longboard

      Whether you want to put together a new longboard, or if you have destroyed your old griptape, here´s the right category for you.
      We have griptape available for you in many varieties. Griptape with normal grain size is usually enough for normal everyday use and for normal cruising.
      In the downhill area, or if you want to slide a lot, griptape with extra rough grain can be an advantage. If you put this Griptape on your everyday board, you will more likely tear your clothes and hands.

      If you've chosen a deck that has a beautiful texture on the top, or even a printed design, it would be a shame to cover it with black griptape. For this purpose we have transparent Griptape in the assortment.

      Of course, all griptapes are always self-adhesive and can be applied very easily.

      For all beginners among you: To apply, free the top of the deck from all dirt, so the Griptape will stick properly. Then simply affix it bubble-free.
      Then you´ll have to run an screwdriver around the edges with force. Next, the griptape can be simply cut to the shape of the deck with a cutter on the edge. Finished!

      If you have any further questions about Griptape, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Hardware & Pads

      Hardware & Pads

      Hardware sets, screws, and riser pads we stock everything you´ll need.

      For hardware sets, there are basically only two criteria that you have to consider. Very important is the length of the screws you´ll choose.
      Just measure the thickness of your board and then add about 5mm for the axle, as well as a possible riser pad. A little bit more is never wrong.
      Furthermore, there are mounting kits for normal top mount decks, as well as mounting kits for drop-through decks. For Top Mount Decks, a countersunk head is best and for Drop Through a "normal" one.

      You need riserpads if you want to mount bigger wheels on your longboard and the space between wheels and deck is dangerously little.
      Soft rubber riser pads also have the added benefit of partially swallowing road bumps for a more comfortable ride.
      With angled riser pads, you can change the angle of your axis without having to buy an expensive new baseplate. So you can make your axle agile, or more stable at higher speeds.

      If you have any further questions about Hardware & Pads, our expert staff will be there to help you.

    • Bushings


      The Bushings are the rubbers in your trucks that allow you to change the intensity of the steering. Of course, there are Bushings in all kinds of hardness.
      Like the longboard wheels, the bushings are specified in hardness grade "a". They usually exist in hardnesses between 75a and about 99a.

      Furthermore, there are Bushings in various forms. Cone bushings are easier to steer and have less rebound. Cylindrical bushings have a better rebound, but need a little more pressure during the steering movement.
      Often, a combination with a cylindrical bushing below and a conical on top is the most consistent. But here's just one thing to help you: order different ones and try out which set-up you like best.

      Bushings, which have a much broader center in the middle, are less widespread. These have a limit in the steering behavior. For normal use you will not need this type of bushing.

      If you have any further questions about Bushings, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Protection


      Of course, protective equipment can in general not be a bad idea in any sport. We stock knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, as well as Slidegloves and helmets.

      Knee pads are probably the most important component of protective equipment in longboarding and should be worn by any longboarding novice.
      There are knee pads in two different versions. On the one hand with hard plastic shell to carry over the pants and as a further variant also a soft knee protector, without plastic.
      The classic with knee protector with plastic shell clearly offers the most protection, but it limits the movement a little bit.
      The pad without plastic can be worn under the pants and offers much more freedom of movement, but a little less protection.
      The same protective equipment is also available for elbow protectors.

      Slide Gloves are more for active use and not for the fall. With Slide Gloves, you'll learn sliding with the longboard much easier, as you can take a much deeper center of gravity
      when your hands can slide across the floor while sliding. There are the Slide Gloves usually in Race or Freeride variants, where a Race Slide Glove usually has only one puck on the palm of your hand
      and the Freeride Gloves also have 2 more small pucks, as well as at the fingertips.

      If you have any further questions about Longboard Protective Gear, our expert staff will be happy to help and advise you.

    • Helmets


      We stock helmets of various manufacturers, so that you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit. The helmet is clearly the most important part of the protective equipment and should be present in every longboard household.
      Even experienced longboarders are not protected from the mistakes of other cars, cyclists and pedestrians and should definitely wear a helmet.

      Helmets should be as tight as possible without experiencing pressure pain from the beginning.

      It is essential to wear helmets that are specially designed for longboarding / skating, as they protect the back of the head much better than bicycle helmets.

      Of course, all helmets have adjustable chin straps, as well as exchangeable and washable inner lining. Furthermore, all helmets have extra pads in different strengths to ensure the perfect fit.

      If you have any further questions about helmets, our expert staff is happy to help.

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    Longboard SHOP

    With over 90 brands, we are particularly broad in the Longboard segment. Every longboard enthusiast will find exactly what he is looking for here.
    From complete longboards for beginners and advanced, to individual decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, etc., to all accessories for the longboard sector,
    we have everything for you in stock. For all longboard items, we have something for every budget.

    Longboards are available for various purposes: Dancing, Downhill, Freeride, Cruising, Freestyle, Allround, Carving, Long Distance Pumping, and many more ....
    For each longboard discipline we have many different models in stock for you. More detailed explanations of the longboards can be found in the corresponding categories.

    In the longboard sport just the individual components are of extremely great importance. Therefore, we also offer longboard wheels, trucks, bearings, etc. a particularly large selection.

    If you are lucky, you can go downhilling, we have the equipment and longboard slide gloves and protective equipment.

    If you still have questions don´t hesitate to ask us.