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Softkites -Handlekites 4-Lines

Also in the field of ​​the 4 Line Softkites aka Handlekites, we have a very large balanced assortment in stock.

The 4 Line Softkites have a very large range of application. If you would like to start snowkiting or land-boarding,
but a proper depower softkite is a bit too expensive in the beginning, a 4-line softkite / handlekite is just the thing you need.
These softkites are also available in larger sizes that generate enough propulsion to pull you with a landboard, snowboard and even a buggy.
If your focus is just that, you'll need to get a relatively large 4-line softkite. Of course, the size you should take depends on many factors.
Inform yourself in advance, or just ask us, which size you need for which application. Of course, there are many different 4 Line Softkites with advantages and disadvantages.
More details about the characteristics of the Softkites can be found in the corresponding article description.

But even if you only use a soft kite whilst standing and do not want to be pulled, a 4-line soft kite is a good choice.
With it`s 4 lines (2 flying lines and 2 brake lines), this type of soft kite offers you an enormous repertoire of maneuvers.
For example, you can fly the 4 Line Softkite backwards by pulling the brake lines. Or you can set the radius of your loop by cleverly incorporating the brake lines into your steering maneuver.
You will see that such a 4-line soft kite can be a lot of fun, even without being pulled on a board or buggy.

If you have any questions about 4 Line Softkites, our expert staff is happy to help.

We stock softkites of the following top brands, such as: HQ Powerkites, Peter Lynn, Zebra Kites, Ozone, Libre, Crosskites and Elliot.