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Wingsurfer - Surfwings - Foilwings for Wingsurfing or Wingfoiles

In spring 2019 the world begins to turn for a new inflatable water sports equipment. The surf scene does not even agree on what the new inflatable sail should be called. The terms Wingsurfer, Surfwing and Foilwing are used to describe the new surf discipline as Wingsurfen or Wingfoilen.

We ourselves were lucky to be part of the global world premiere in mid May 2019 in Tarifa when Robby Naish personally presented the Naish Wing Surfer in the usual top quality and as a mature serial product.

At the beginning of June 2019 the Duotone Foilwing and the Slingshot Slingwing Surfwing were offered to the world public, each with different solutions.

While Naish focuses on simplicity, one-size-fits-all and small pack sizes, Duotone has chosen a rigid boom and different wing sizes. Slingshot has probably been working on a wing for the longest time and has chosen its own inflatable way.

The wingsurfer is in no competition to the classic windsurfing and kitesurfing, because it does not generate the speeds, nor any jump heights. But it's about new forms of foilsurfing, with new movement patterns and feelings.

Likewise a big market is seen with the classic SUP-ler, who can make big downwind tours and before or after that with falling / rising wind paddles the way there or back. The Surfwing is stowed compactly in the backpack and the paddle is attached parallel to the Inflatable boom. This considerably extends the radius of action of the SUP.