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In the field of trainer kites, we have an extremely wide range of products for you. From smaller 2 line kites for kids, or as a relaxed toy for the beach, to high-quality kitesurfing trainer kites, everything is in stock.

The small trainer foil kites, which are flown with loops, are perfect for bringing the kitesport to the very young offspring.
These little practice kites do not develop a lot of traction and are therefore easy to handle for any beginner.
Especially if you just want to have some fun while standing with a trainer kite, the smaller models are especially popular because they are very manoeuvrable.
In addition, with the small practice kites, you can have a lot of endurance and a long session, without a break, because you do not need much power to fly.

The trainer kites with bar are a great way to prepare yourself for kitesurfing on the water. Exactly such trainer kites will be the first thing in your kite course.
If you master the trainer kite blind and with one hand, you already have a very good feeling for the wind window and that is exactly what will get you ahead in the kite course.
A good understanding of the wind is the alpha and omega.

For trainer kites with bar there is also the 3 line version. The flight behavior of the 3 lines is absolutely the same as on 2 lines.
The immense advantage of a 3 Line Trainer Kite is, that you can launch it backwards when it has crashed on the front edge.
So running to your kite to flip it around to be able to launch it again has come to an end. In addition, the safety function of the trainer kite runs over this middle line.
So when you release the bar in a dangerous situation, the trainer kite comes back to the ground, without doing thousands of loops.

As a particularly nice side effect, the small practice kites and trainer kites also offer the option to combine them with a longboard, skateboard or inline skates, allowing you to be driven directly by the wind.

Of course you will find more detailed descriptions directly in each article.