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An extra category for the waveboard enthusiasts among you. We have a large selection of special Waveboardbags just for you.

If you want to travel with a Waveboard, you also need an extra bag for your surfboards. Waveboardbags usually have an even thicker padding to best protect the sensitive waveboards.
In addition, the Waveboardbags are alot larger than the usual kite travel boardbags. Even if you already have a pretty big travel boardbag, it probably will not be sufficient for a waveboard by the width.
The Waveboardbags also have wheels for easier transport.

Of course, exactly the same applies to the single / day wavebagbags. Unfortunately, because the airlines handle luggage quite roughly, a single waveboard bag is not enough to fly.

If you still have questions about Waveboardbags, our expert staff is happy to help.