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Core Kites - High Tech Meets Passion

Core Kites are developed with passion on Fehmarn and driven with passion around the world: Core Kite is the technology brand among the kite brands. Core Kites is a true technique & Kite surf perfectionist who has been producing kites, kiteboards and everything you need for kiteboarding since 2001 under the umbrella brand Hiss Tech. Core Kites stands for high-tech performance, safety, quality and longevity, and with its distinctive design concept that uses pure understanding in black and white and yellow, everyone immediately sees who's dancing with the wind.

Core Kites stands for High Tech Quality Kites & We have the latest Core Kite models, ever-changing offers as well as used 2nd Hand Core Kites and Sensor Bar models in stock at the Kite-Shop Berlin and will be pleased to advise you as your personal Core-Kites-Dealer of Trust!

Core Kiteboarding - Core Kite Range

Technical infatuation, innovation and high-quality workmanship characterize Core Kites since the first successful kite, the Core Riot, and make its successor models, the Core Riot XR Kites, the driving force of the brand. Since 2017, now in its 5th generation, the Core Riot XR5 is a merciless leader in the high performance kite class. But the new Sensor Bar is also impressive: ultra-light, full of high-tech, know-how and a unique safety solution, Core continues to develop the sensor bar feeling. Especially the brand new S-Bar system makes the Core Sensor Bar 2S and the Core Sensor Bar 2S Pro one of the most direct and clean bar systems in the world.

Universal Series - High Performance Allround Kites

  • Core XR5 High Performance Freeride, Freestyle & Wave Kite: X for Cross and R for Riding - This formula has been the most popular core kite on the market for more than a decade. The Core XR5 kite is a powerful, comfortable high-performance freeride kite for almost all conditions and applications with impressive lift and hang time performance.
  • Core Free Kite - The Wave All-rounder: Wave, Freeride, Freestyle - Everything is possible, nothing must! No matter what the wind, the Core Kite Free always fits, to waveboards as well as to twintips. Simple: "Surf, Play, Shred"!
  • Core GTS4 Kite - More than a C-kite: The Core GTS4 is the consistent answer for all athletic kiters who enjoy looping and unhooked driving. Kite instructors, experts and amateur competition drivers, as well as any athletic freerider who wants to be challenged, are exactly the target group of the Core GTS kite series. The Core GTS4 is the super agile wave, kiteloop and unhooked machine of the Core Kite Range: fast, ultra-straight, perfectly balanced and always predictable with this typically playful c-kite feel.

Specialized Series - Designed for one, built only for advanced players

  • Core Section Kite - Pure Wave Kite: The Core Kite Section is uncompromising for wavekiting, explosive top turns and fat bottom turns, low power down-the-line surfing and the Visit in the Green Room. The Core Section features an extremely lightweight, optimally balanced three-strut frame with a sash profile designed specifically for early start, clean co-float and ultra-direct reactivity. Meanwhile, the compact outline of the Core Section ensures incredibly tight turn radii.
    Core Impact - Pure Freestyle Wakestyle C-kite: The Core Impact is exclusively for freestyle and wakestyle, with everything that goes with it: pop without end, slack without end and ultra-precise turning radii. Hak 'out and get out! The Impact is a C-kite without any compromise. Nothing with allround, instead brutal, honest & predictable C-kite feeling - perfect for the most consistent unhooked moves and adrenaline-charged full throttle kiting without support wheels.

Lightwind Series - Lightwind Experts

Wind doldrums? No problem, because with the Core XR5 LW, Free LW, GTS4 LW and Section LW Core Kites offers a light wind kite version for every style. The Core XR5 LW, Free LW, GTS4 LW and Section LW are strong kites for the weakest days, which you will unpack when the wind runs out of steam again, because thanks to the exclusive special Dacron called ExoTex, Core Kites LW are extremely light agile and extremely comfortable, even in low wind conditions.

Core Tech Solutions - CoreTex, ExoTex and Sensor Bar

Core Kites produces his kites in Sri Lanka, in one of the probably best kite factories in the world and already has a real kitesurfing legend in the final test team with Rene Schmied. Not least for that reason Core Kiteboarding mixes the kite market with new developments and technologies always wieder.

Core Technology - Innovation & Development

    Core Kite CORETEX® TRIPLE RIPSTOP Canopy: The exclusively designed for CORE fabric is specially protected and stiffened by a triple reinforcing thread with special coating process. In this way, CoreTex sets new records in breaking load, tear resistance, longevity and UV protection without significant weight gain - and allows only very little stretching - a very decisive factor for the particularly crisp feel of the XR5.
  • Core Kite EXOTEX® Ultra Rigid Dacron: Guaranteed Ultra-stiff Tubes. The exclusive special dacron made in Germany takes the rigidity and dynamics of the kite to a whole new level thanks to its innovative fabric structure and unique coating process. Thanks to the Core ExoTex, the kite feels crispier and more direct, reacts and turns faster and more controlled, lifts explosively and runs smoothly even earlier.
    Core Kite SENSOR Bar System : The Core Sensor Bar has little weight, but is full of high-tech, know-how and a unique safety solution. Above all, the brand new S-Bar system makes the Core Sensor Bar 2S and the Core Sensor Bar 2S Pro one of the most direct and cleanest bar systems in the world. The Core Sensor Bar has everything on board to make the perfect connection between the rider and the kite: the exclusive Sensor Bar SSF safety system, a heart of titanium, the rotor safety release or the fully automatic line rotation of the Sensor Bar the Sensor Bar is the ultra-light unibody spar. That's why the kite looks credibly straightforward and defined at the Core Sensor Bar. Core Sensor Bar - a well-defined high-speed connection between rider and kite. In addition, all lines of the Sensor 2 Bar are manufactured to the highest quality standards by the German linen manufacturer Liros. A name that is synonymous in aviation for consistently perfect workmanship. For example, the Sensor Bar flight lines down to the chicken loop are prepared under heat using a special procedure. With a thickness of only 1.8 millimeters, the lines of the Sensor Bar reach a breaking load of 368 kilograms. The lines of the Core Sensor Bar are also very easy to handle when laying out on the beach.

Whether you want to buy a new Core Kite, Testkite or Core Kite on sale, we have it for you online or at Kiteshop Berlin & Of course, we will advise you personally on all kiteboarding and kitesurfing questions!