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    Here you will find all the Kite leashes we have in our assortment.

    From kite safety leashes, to kite surf board leashes, to well-known kiteboard roll leashes for twintips, you'll find what you're looking for in this category.

    A safety leash is absolutely essential in your kite equipment. The Kite Leash is your connection from the harness to the kite and is your last safety function.
    If you are using your quick release function, the kite will drop to the water and is still connected to you via the safety line.
    If there is still danger, the Safetyleash has another way to disconnect. It is simply pushed or pulled depending on the safety leash and you are disconnected.
    Each harness has a safety line. Which brand you choose is up to you, here every leash really fits every brand. There are still differences in the length of the safety lines.
    As a beginner, if you are not riding unhooked, a short line, which is attached to the front or to the side of the harness, is sufficient.
    These short leashes also make sense, as they do not unnecessarily hang between the legs. Only if you want to dare to attempt a Raley, a longer safety line is essential.

    The Surfboard Leash is a classic leash for the connection between body and waveboard / surfboard. When kiting these should only be used by experienced riders. Especially as a waveboard beginner,
    if it throws you from the board, you should rather drag to the board. Otherwise, the board can be rebounded by the leash during the fall and cause major injuries.

    For the same reason you should NEVER use a normal leash on the Twintip. As the only leash for a twintip, a roll leash should be used to eliminate the catapult effect.

    If you want the benefits of a leash without using one you should buy the Ocean Rodeo Go Joe the only alternative to an regular kite leash. The Go Joe is a kiteleash without a leash.
    It acts as a water wing, which raises the board after a fall, so that it floats downwind faster. Buy all kite safety leashes, kiteboard leashes and kite roll leashes for cheap in our kiteshop or online.