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Waist Harness - Men

As the connection between kite and body, the kite waist harness is one of the most important elements of your kite gear.
Since a kite can develop a great deal of power, a well-fitting waist harness is essential to protect your back.

The right fit of the waist harness is absolutely essential when deciding on a model.
Since everybody is shaped differently, there is no general idea of ​​the "best" waist harness.
It should fit as comfortably as possible right at the first fitting and not cause any uncomfortable pressure points.

Generally, there are men's waist harnesses that are tuned towards wave or freeride / freestyle. However, this never means that you can not use them in a different field of application,
but rather that they offer advantages in the intended scope. Men's waist harnesses, which are described as Wave Waist harnesses, offer a high degree of freedom of movement and slide back and forth to the side of the body.
This feature is particularly beneficial when kitesurfing in the wave, as you very often switch to ride toeside and heelside.
If the waist harness can then move a bit sideways, it makes riding a lot more comfortable. Often, these Wave waist harnesses are cut a bit narrower than Freeride waist harnesses.

Freeride / Freestyle waist harnesses usually cover significantly more area on the back.
This type of harness will always stay in place even when pulling from the side and will not wander sideways around the body.
If you have your main focus on freeriding or many jumps, then this kind of waist trapeze is also the better choice.

Another elemental difference in the mens waist harnesses is whether they are rubberized on the inside, or are merely lined with fabric.
A mens waist harness, which has a rubber coating on the inside, will also slip less sideways than one that is lined with fabric only.

The optimal function of a mens waist harness is only given if it is sufficiently tightly closed. Once the kite is hooked into the waist harness, it will release the pressure from your hips.

Should you have any further questions on the topic of mens waist  harnesses, our expert staff is happy to help.