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      You will find in our Online Shop all kinds of surfboard models with their technical specifications. If you need more infos we will be happy to guide you and answer your questions for the purchase of your surfboard.
      Choosing your first surfboard or just a new one requires technical knowledge but also to know your needs in terms of performance, frequency and surfing spots.
      There are a large number of surfboard models available for various riding styles.
      There are 4 main types of surfboards:

      The Shortboard:

      Also known as Thruster (often with 3 fins), the shortboard is a very popular surfboard since its origin dates back to the 60s. Maneuverable and nervous, it is the surfboard commonly used by fans of tricks and other manoeuvres on powerful and fast waves. The shortboard is quite short, generally between 173cm / 5'8'' and 208cm / 6'10''. Be careful therefore, the choice of your shortboard should not be made lightly, especially if you are a beginner. Indeed, a shorboard due to its reduced dimensions is less stable and floats less. It will require a good level of surfing or at least a very good balance as well as the physique that goes with it to be able to row and launch a take-off. Nowadays, shortboards are also widely used indoors on permanent waves as well as on river waves because their dimensions are perfectly adapted to this type of wave.

      The Longboard / Malibu:

      Released in the 60s, this type of surfboard is the reference in terms of shape before the appearance of shorter and more "nervous" boards. Longboard surfing is therefore mainly characterized by its well rounded nose and long length compared to other types of surfboards. The surf-longboard dimensions are generally above 274cm (9 feet) long.
      The Malibu is the historically beautiful and "cool" surfboard for sessions on small to medium waves that last a long time and where sliding takes on its full meaning. Be careful, however, if you say long surfboard, you also mean heavy and slow to maneuver, which will already require a certain level of surfing. To begin with, we recommend its little brother the Mini Malibu or Egg whose shape will be more adapted in terms of maneuverability.

      The Fish:

      Shorter than a shortboard, this surfboard is even more nervous and fast. This type of board is therefore ideal for small waves. The Fish compensates its reduced flotation by a wider shape than the shortboard, which makes it easier for take-off. Its length is generally between 4'8'' and 6'0''. The Fish is usualy recommended for intermediate to advanced surfers because it is a technically demanding board due to its small size. However, you will be able to learn with a Fish surfboard if you take a long length, so the right width of the Fish will give you the stability you need to learn to surf.

      The Gun:

      It is the least accessible surfboard of all, not in terms of price but in terms of the level required to use it. It is generally the surfboard of big waves surfers. In terms of shape is the big brother of the shortboard, and its longer length allows you to row and launch yourself on much bigger waves. A Gun surfboard is generally between 7 and 12 feet long (213 - 365cm).

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    You will find on our website or directly in our Berlin shop everything you need for surfing. Find here our selection of surfboards, softboards, shortboards and other surf accessories such as surf wax, surf pads, surf boardbags and much more.

    Historically, surfing is not new since it has been practiced in Hawaii for a very long time and has been "officially" observed and described in the 18th century by famous explorers such as James Cook. Some people say, rightly or wrongly, that surfing is a way of life and live it as such. Nevertheless, surfing has grown considerably among the general public since the 1960s. Indeed, it was through the development of the ideal urethane foam by Gordon Clark that the manufacture of surfboards became "easier", which contributed in part to the democratization of surfing.

    Nowadays we can no longer count the number of blockbusters whose main subject is surfing and who have come to trigger or reinforce our irresistible desire to go surfing. Well then for that nothing could be easier, a nice surfboard and some accessories will do the trick. So if you have finally decided to start surfing, well you are in the right place because at Coronation Berlin we do everything we can to satisfy you.