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Longboard completes

We stock hundreds of models of longboard complete boards for every taste and riding style.
Doesn't matter, if you are a longboard beginner, or have been ambitious for years, you will find everything you need here.
From complete boards for less than 50 € to absolute premium longboards everything is in stock. If you are still a longboard beginner, here is a short introduction to longboard selection:
The different shapes of the decks on longboards offer you great advantages in different areas of application. At the same time, that does not mean that you can only ride the specified discipline with this longboard.
So as long as you just want to ride through the city and you are not sure which discipline you want to do later, you can use every longboard for it.
Of course, not every longboard is the best choice for easy cruising.

A downhill longboard, for example, is usually characterized by greater rigidity and stability.
Of course, this usually goes hand in hand with a bit more weight. For this reason, a downhill longboard will not be the first choice for cruising.
A longboard for dancing should just have enough space and not be too crunchy. It is also advantageous if it is symmetrical and as constant as possible over the entire length.
In addition, a longboard with top mount axle mounting is another big advantage here, so that the baseplate of the longboard axles does not bother you in your moves.

Your first board should not be too short to keep it running smoothly. This will make learning much easier.