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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Paddle Fix - not adjustable

For every ambitious driver, a fixed paddle is a must!

A fixed paddle is cut to length and the handle glued in place. It is then no longer adjustable. It can therefore only be used by people with the same height.

Of course, this type of paddle also has it´s benefits. A fixed paddle has the best rigidity and tangles under force significantly less than a adjustable or three-piece paddle.
This has the advantage, especially in the ambitious area, that the entire energy that is put into one shot actually results in propulsion.
In addition, fixed paddles have the least weight, since they can save the parts otherwise required for variability.

Every SUP enthusiast who mainly uses his own board and paddle has many advantages when choosing a fixed paddle.

If you have any further questions about fixed paddles, our expert staff is happy to help.