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Buy North Kiteboarding - North Kites at the North Competence Center!

Coronation Kite-Shop is your North Competence Center in Berlin. As a North Competency Center, we have all the latest North Kite models, ever-changing offers as well as second hand North Kites stocked in our Kite Shop Berlin and will advise you as your personal North Kites Dealer and Certified North Competence Center of Trust of course!

North Kites - Typical North Kiteboarding: mature with pure performance!

North Kiteboarding is the leading brand in the kite market ever and connects in a unique way & Make the Spirt of Waterman top-level with German industry standards! Founded in 2001 by B & M, North Kiteboarding (NKB for short) is now an entirely independent kite brand and one of the top kiteboarding brands on the market. NKB North Kiteboarding stands for innovative, high-quality & sustainable kite & Kiteboarding products. To incorporate the latest global trends, the North Kiteboarding Kites are designed by team riders and designers, among others. developed, tested and constantly improved in the kite hotspots Tarifa, Gorge and Hawaii - pure NKB innovation with the utmost security.

North Kiteboarding is constantly assimilating new trends and styles and has from the beginning set to pioneering standards. North Kiteboarding is always a pioneer when it comes to technological new developments in kiteboarding sports. These include u.a. the NKB loaded 5th Line, NKB Adaptive Tip, NKB Sheeting Force, NKB Lazy Pump System or the use of the Teijin & D2 Technoforce Kite Materials.

North Kites - North Kiteboarding Technology & Innovation

North Kiteboarding was the first kite manufacturer in the world to introduce the NKB loaded 5th Line. This North Kiteboarding-patented 5th-Line system has proven itself over the years as an excellent combination of safety and performance. With 100 percent depower after a safety release, the benefits of the NKB fifth leash are unmatched to date, making North Kiteboarding an absolute unique selling proposition over other bar systems. NKB North Kiteboarding's North Trust Bar is one of the most progressive and effective bar systems, and also features the best safety system on the market, the NBK Iron Heart. Over the years, the North Trust Bar has made a name for itself in the industry and exemplifies North Kiteboarding par excellence for unparalleled safety and reliability.

North Kiteboarding was also the first to use this on its kites extremely durable Teijin-Dacron for front tubes, struts, tips and all other areas where high tensile loads and forces act. NKB Technoforce D2 is the cloth material, which has proven itself over the years with enormous durability and dynamic properties and was specially developed for North Kiteboarding - today standard in the kite market!

Since 2017, North Kiteboarding has been whirling the kite Bar segment with its revolutionary North Click Bar belonging to: No more Adjuster, even easier operation even for small kiters, innovative NKB Trim Unit for Power & Depower at the touch of a button, a bar for all kites - a big step towards the future! "The Game Canger", like the North Trust Bar Quad Control & North Trust Bar 5th item certainly the kite & Changing the world of kiteboarding.

North Kites Range - North Kiteboarding Kite Success Factory

  • North Kiteboarding is one of the most popular kite manufacturers in the market, if not the kite & Kiteboarding brand at all. The flagship of the North Kiteboarding Kites Range is the North Rebel - an NKB kite you really do not have to introduce anymore! The North Rebel is a milestone and remains the reference for high-performance freeride and big-air kites, inspiring both advanced and expert sailors!
  • If you're looking for a kite that can do it all and then ask for more, then the North Dice kite is the right NKB model for you! The North Dice is a perfectly balanced Freestyle / Wakestyle kite redefined for the versatility and performance of a C-oriented 3-Strut kite and, once actively flown, also shines in waves. The North Dice Kite is the first choice for those who have become too special to North Vegas over the years.
  • The North Vegas kite is synonymous with a purebred Wakestyle / Freestyle C-kite machine with exceptional Megaloop handling. The North Vegas continues to defend its position as the best-selling C-kite par excellence, and has become the ultimate freestyle machine in kiteboarding The NKB team has won several places on podiums around the world.
  • Specially designed for hardcore wave fanatics and strapless freestylers, the North Neo kite is one Purebred Wave Kite in the North Kiteboarding Kite Range. This powerful NKB power package allows you to use 1 to 2m² less than other Wavekite models, allowing you to automatically move faster with a more agile kite!
  • If you're after If you're looking for a kite that simply knows how to excite in every discipline, then you'll have to try the North Evo kite, because North Evo is not another kite of the masses, the Nort Evo kite is THE (!!) King of the Allrounder! - That's all you have to say ...!
  • Constructed in the simplest possible way, the North Mono kite has many of the genes of the NKB Neos , jeodch is a One Strut kite for freeriders who want to have as much fun as possible on a twintip, foil or surfboard and now also be able to travel light! No matter if on a NKB Twintip or NKB Foil: On The North Mono is a powerful NKB kite in simple, pure form.
  • Windstorm? - Defy the Wind God and complete your NKB Kite Range with a North Juice kite. He will certainly extend your time on the water. With the North Juice Kite you can enjoy airstyle tricks even at the lowest wind speeds. At the same time, the North Juice has such a juicy & powerful character, that light wind kiting is possible even with a normal twintip and no door is needed.
  • New to the NKB kite range since 2017 is the North ACE Foil Kite - designed for advanced and advanced riders who like the performance of their foil kite, the North ACE Foil Kite is incredibly light, rugged and offers a massive wind range with massive depower and breathtaking hang time. The North ACE can be used in combination with an NKB Twintip or with an NKB Foilboard for racing and freeriding. The North Kiteboarding high performance Ace delivers immense lift, making foiling, tacks, gybes and tricks much easier than with conventional foilkites. North Ace Foil Kite: The North Kiteboarding Sensation of Float!

Whether you want to buy a new North Kite, Testkite or North Kite on sale, we have it for you online or in the kit shop & North Competence Center Berlin.