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Softkites / for kitesurfing

Here you'll find all soft kites for kitesurfing, which can be used both on land and in the water.
This is possible because of the closed cell construction. A water-launching softkite/ foil kite has few air openings at the front edge,
which are closed with a kind of valve made of fabric. As a result, the chambers of the Softkites/ Foilkites won't fill up with water, or at least very slowly.
So there is enough time to start your kite again.

"Normal" softkites/ foilkites are fully open at the leading edge, almost the entire length, and are therefore unusable for water.

Especially for anyone considering using the Kite Hydrofoil Board even in the least wind, a soft kite/ foil kite is essential.
Due to its significantly lower weight, it has unbelievable flight stability at minimum wind and due to the strong stretch a softkite/ foilkite it has significantly more projected area.

Also in the category of softkites - for kitesurfing, you will find more detailed descriptions in the respective articles. We stock the top brands of softkite/ foilkites from HQ Powerkites, Ozone, Peter Lynn Kites and Liquid Force.
And if there are still questions about softkites/ foilkites, fell free to call us.