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We stock longboard ball bearings / Bearings in all quality levels, as well as price ranges.

Ball bearings are rated with the so-called ABEC (Annular Bearing Engeneering Committee) rating. The higher the ABEC number of a ball bearing,
the better the quality. With a high ABEC number, the measurement tolerance for a ball bearing is significantly lower.
This means that it can run better and faster. However, ball bearings with a high ABEC number are therefore also much more susceptible to dirt because there is less clearance between balls and housing.

In general, the ABEC rating also loses more and more informative value. A very expensive ABEC 3 bearing will keep its quality much longer than a very cheap ABEC 9 bearing.
Therefore, the price is a much clearer indication of the quality of the ball bearings.

Furthermore we have various premium ceramic ball bearings in the assortment. This type of ball bearings have their advantage especially in the downhill area.
Metal balls may expand at very high speeds and cause the ball bearing to malfunction. With ceramic ball bearings, you will not reach these temperatures.
Furthermore, ball bearings made of ceramic are significantly less maintenance, since they run mostly dry and do not require extra oils or fats.

If you have any questions about ball bearings / Bearings, our expert staff will help you with advice and practical help.