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    • Drysuits
    • Wetsuit Woman

      Damen Neoprenanzug Shop Berlin

      Wetsuit Woman

      Anyone looking for a womens wetsuit in Berlin has come to the right place. Here in the Coronation Kiteshop Berlin we have wetsuits of all top brands like Mystic, Oneill, Ion, Ripcurl, Soöruz, RRD, Billabong, Oxbow, Ascan and Soorüz.
      Whether it´s a thick 6mm wetsuit for the coldest days in the spring or a Shorty for the trip to Brazil. Premium wetsuits in every price range and a huge selection of womens wetsuits.
      Come by our shop in Berlin or call us for advice on which wetsuit will be the best fit for you.

    • Wetsuit Men

      Neoprenanzug Showroom

      Wetsuit Men

      Anyone looking for a mens wetsuit in Berlin has come to the right place. Here in the Coronation Kiteshop Berlin we have wetsuits of all top brands like Mystic, Oneill, Ion, Ripcurl, Soöruz, RRD, Billabong, Oxbow, Ascan and Soorüz.
      Whether it´s a thick 6mm wetsuit for the coldest days in the spring or a Shorty for the trip to Brazil. Premium wetsuits in every price range and a huge selection of mens wetsuits.
      Come by our shop in Berlin or call us for advice on which wetsuit will be the best fit for you.

    • Kinder Neoprenanzug
    • shoes

      Neoprene shoes – neoprene socks, neoprene shoes and neoprene boots for kitesurfing, surfing & SUP

      Coronation Berlin offers a large selection of neoprene shoes and therefore certainly also the right pair for your needs.

      Why do I even need neoprene shoes?

      Neoprene shoes, with their insulating function, ensure that you don't get cold feet while on the water in cooler temperatures. End of season? There is no such thing for you!
      In addition, neoprene shoes protect your feet from injuries caused by pointed stones, corals or shells, depending on the spot. Special soles (such as the ProLimit Armoured or the ION Ballistic) are tread-proof against reefs, metal, glass and shells – only sea urchins win against pretty much anything. In addition, there are neoprene socks that come close to a barefoot feeling and thus provide a good board feeling in colder water conditions. The material of neoprene shoes is durable, hard-wearing, flexible and lightweight.  Whether kiting, surfing or SUP: every water sports enthusiast will need neoprene shoes sooner or later.

      What are the differences between neoprene shoes?

      As you can see, neoprene shoes are perhaps an underestimated all-rounder. Accordingly, they are available in various variants: from 2mm thickness for summer to 7mm thickness for winter, from neoprene socks to neoprene boots, with a gap for the toes (split toe) for more grip in neoprene shoes, for children, women and men.
      Regarding the fit, your neoprene shoes should be tight so that the amount of water in the shoe is as little as possible and you have a good grip. At the same time, your toes should feel where the shoe ends, but not feel uncomfortable at the same time.

      We will be happy to give you some more advice if you are unsure about which neoprene shoes are right for you.

    • Gloves

      Neoprene gloves - For kitesurfing, surfing & SUP in the cold

      Our range of neoprene accessories at Coronation Berlin naturally also includes neoprene gloves.
      If you don't want to run the risk of not feeling your fingers on the bar at colder temperatures, you will appreciate your pair of neoprene gloves.

      What types of neoprene gloves are there?

      Neoprene gloves come in various styles and models for different purposes and also differ in material and pre-forming. From the classic five-finger glove to the mitten, from semi-dry to completely waterproof, from 2mm to 6mm thickness. Some neoprene gloves have a special material in the palm of the hand that prevents them from slipping off wet objects.

      Which neoprene gloves should I use?

      When choosing neoprene gloves you should keep in mind that thicker neoprene or a mitten insulates more heat, but it also makes gripping more difficult and strenuous. Most mobility is achieved with five-finger gloves, especially in pre-curved neoprene gloves. It is therefore worthwhile to consider at which temperatures you will frequently go into the water before the purchase in order to find a good compromise.

      As a guideline, you can say that it is time for neoprene gloves at a water temperature of 10-12°C and lower. At these temperatures a neoprene thickness of max. 3 mm is usually sufficient. Thicker models from 3 up to 6mm become relevant at temperatures below 10°C.

      We will be happy to help you choose the right neoprene glove for you from our range!

    • Neoprene hoods

      Neoprene hoods - For kitesurfing, windsurfing & surfing in the cold

      Of course Coronation also has neoprene hoods in its assortment.

      Those of you who got hooked on kitesurfing during the kite course in summer won't let the colder temperatures in autumn and spring keep them away from the water. But it makes a huge difference if you wear a neoprene hood! It is a well-known fact that you lose most of your body heat just via your head. Admittedly, you certainly won't win a style competition while wearing a neoprene hood, but we don't want to be lifestylers, but kiters who love the sport and who are therefore drawn to the water for a session even in cold temperatures.

      A neoprene hood protects the head, ears and neck from cold and wind. As with other neoprene articles, the neoprene hoods are available in different thicknesses. The thicker the neoprene, the better the thermal insulation of your neoprene hood. Most of our models have a thickness from 2mm to 3mm. There are neoprene hoods with or without visor and, depending on the price, with a special lining.

      Find your neoprene hood at Coronation online or in our shop in Berlin.

    • Neoprene hats & beanies

      Neoprene Hats & Neoprene Beanies - Neoprene Headwear for Kiting, Surfing & SUP

      Neoprene hats and neoprene beanies are not only a necessary accessory for kite sessions in colder temperatures, but also look good on the beach when the hair is wet after the session and the wind blows.

      A neoprene cap or a neoprene beanie not only prevents you from losing most of your heat via your head, it also protects your ears from the wind. The Neoprene Beanie is also your lifesaver if you have a Bad Hair Day after a night in the surf van or if you are simply too vain for a neoprene hood.

      We have neoprene hats and neoprene beanies in many styles from various brands, such as ION or Mystic, with or without bobble. Ladies, men and kids alike will definitely find something here.

    • Coats & Jackets

      Neoprene Coats, Neoprene Jackets and Neoprene Hoodies for Kiting, Surfing & SUP

      Neoprene jackets, neoprene hoodie and neoprene coats are an essential part of Coronation's neoprene range.

      What can a neoprene coat, a neoprene jacket or a neoprene hoodie do and what do I need it for?

      As an additional warming layer when kiting or during the break between two sessions, a neoprene coat is sometimes worth its weight in gold. This way you won't cool down so quickly, you'll defy the wind chill or stay warm enough for a second round of surfing. Kite instructors also swear by a neoprene jacket, a neoprene hoodie or a neoprene coat if they are in and on the water the whole day. Neoprene coats, neoprene jackets and neoprene hoodies are wind and water repellent and usually have a practical hole for your harness hook as well as a hood.

      Which model is right for me?

      Whether you prefer a neoprene coat, neoprene jacket or neoprene hoodie depends on the use. You should be aware of the fact that when kiting you will only get limited access to your safety leash if you wear the harness under your jacket. For safety reasons we therefore recommend that you wear the harness over your neoprene jacket. For longer stays on the beach in uncomfortable weather, a longer break or as a kitesurf instructor you may want to choose a neoprene coat. In addition, there are lighter models with 2mm neoprene or real Sharkskins.

      At Coronation you will find the popular neoprene coats, neoprene jackets and neoprene hoodies from brands such as ION, Mystic or Prolimit for men or with a feminine cut for women.

    • Thermoshirts

      Thermal shirts - Neoprene shirts and neoprene underwear for an extra layer of warmth

      If you're looking for a thermal shirt, you'll find it here at Coronation.

      In many of our home regions in Europe it can get really cold in spring, autumn and winter. Whether kitesurfing or surfing: a thermal shirt is a good option to keep your session going. A thermal shirt underneath a wetsuit provides you with an additional layer of warmth and protection against the cold. For longer sessions and more fun on the water without frostbite!

      At the same time you can also use your thermal shirt in summer instead of a wetsuit. Add a pair of boardshorts and you're ready to go.

      Find your suitable thermal shirt here at Coronation in the shop or online.

    • SUP Neopren

      SUP Neoprene - SUP clothing, SUP wetsuits and SUP shortys

      Coronation provides you with neoprene clothing for your activities with and on the SUP: SUP wetsuits, SUP shortys, Long Johns / Long Janes for men and women, with long or short sleeves, long or short legs. Whatever you need in terms of SUP clothing, you'll find it here.

      You can be active with the SUP all year round. SUP is a true full body workout combining movement, strength and balance. If you do fall into the water though, you won't mind too much thanks to your SUP neoprene equipment. Of course, not falling in is always the best technique. But in order to be prepared just in case and in order to not cool down during a longer trip home on the water, the right SUP neoprene clothing is important.

      Ideally, you've already gained some experience when it comes to choosing the right equipment. On the one hand, you will start to sweat quite a lot while SUPing, on the other hand, if it isn't summer, it does get pretty cold after a plunge into the water. SUP neoprene clothes with 1mm or 2mm thickness (e.g. shortys) are suitable for the summer. Alternatively there are SUP wetsuits with short arms and long legs. Or you can combine SUP Neoprene longpants with a Watershirt or Thermoshirt. If you don't want to lock away your SUP in the basement during in winter, we also have SUP dry suits in our range.

      At Coronation you will find a large selection of SUP wetsuits, SUP Shorty, SUP clothing and SUP dry suits.

    • Rash & Watershirts

      Rash Shirts & Watershirts - UV-Protection Shirts for Kitesurfing, Surfing & SUP

      Coronation provides you with rash guards or rash vests and watershirts.

      Whether you are kiting in hot regions or on hot summer days at your home spot, UV protection is essential and the sun should not be underestimated. It is well known that the sun's rays reflect on the water. If you don't want to squeeze yourself into your wetsuit on these warm days or during your kite holiday, the watershirt or rash guard / rash vest is the answer.   In addition, a rash guard provides a certain protection against wind and cold or an additional layer of warmth if worn as an undergarment under the neoprene suit. However, this effect is limited and should not be overestimated.

      As the name rash guard suggests, the watershirt also protects surfers from the friction of the surfboard when paddling or prevents the kite harness from rubbing against the skin if you are not wearing a wetsuit. For water sports enthusiasts who are allergic to neoprene,  a rash guard or watershirt can be used as the saving additional layer between the wetsuit and the skin.

      Coronation has several watershirts and rash guards / rash vests for men, women and children in stock.

    • Ponchos & Towels

      Surf ponchos & towels - Towel ponchos and beach towels

      Where there's surfing, it gets wet. At Coronation you can find towel ponchos and beach towels, so that you get dry quickly after a progression session or for the after surf chill session.

      If you are still waiting for the wind, you can sunbathe on a beach towel until the wind picks up. By the way, the towel poncho also turns into a great changing room for putting on and taking off your wetsuit. And anyways: the fact that in water sports it is perfectly acceptable to walk around in a towel poncho for half of the day is something you simply have to take advantage of.

      Coronation has a large selection of towel ponchos and beach towels for men, women and children by brands such as ION, Brunotti and Mystic.

    • Wetbags

      Neoprene Wetbags - Wet bags and mats

      Here you will find a selection of wetbags, wetsuit bags and changing mats.

      This is a feeling all kitesurfers know: The day on the water was great, but it's about time to head home. Wetsuit, neoprene hat & Co. are still completely wet and sandy. Here the neoprene wetbag comes into play, in which you can gather all the stuff and take it home to your shower without messing up your car or getting your other luggage wet.

      The wetbags also serve as a changing mat. If, for example, you stand on the mat when taking off your wetsuit, you will prevent sand, leaves, etc. from sticking to the wet wetsuit. So a wetbag is practically a must-have for kitesurfers and surfers.

      Buy one of these practical helpers at Coronation's online shop or at the Megastore Berlin.

    • Wetsuits by brands
    • Drysuits by brands

    Neoprene Shop Berlin / Brandenburg

    Whether you need a dry suit / wetsuit for kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, paddling or for any other watersport, with us you are in good hands.
    We have all current models in stock in our shop and can offer you the right neoprene or drysuit for every taste and application.

    Whether it´s a thick 6mm wetsuit for the coldest days in spring and autumn or a shorty for the trip to Brazil - we have something in every price range & for every taste.
    Advice and constant offers at super prices guarantee a wetsuit for everybody. Just come by in the wetsuit shop Berlin and convince yourself!

    For all those who don´t care about cold temperatures, and want to enjoy their kite season to the limit! - We have the ultimate dry and wetsuit selection for Berlin and Brandenburg!