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Showing 1 - 72 of 129 items

Kite Travel Boardbag

If you want to go on vacation with your own kite gear, you will not be able to get past a kite travel boardbag.
All kite equipment fits into in the Travel Boardbag.

The Travel Boardbags come in many different sizes and qualities. The padding of the boardbags is available in different strengths.
With thicker padding, your gear is of course protected better, but the bag weighs a little more. Most travel boardbags are equipped with wheels, which greatly simplifies transportation.

Especially with the Travel Boardbags, make sure that your longest board and the bag are about the same size. Of course, you can buy the Travel Boardbag a little bigger to take more luggage with you.
However, if the boardbag is significantly longer than the kiteboard, it will be a pain to pull it, because it will partially drag on the floor.

Exact descriptions of the travel boardbags you will find in the corresponding article descriptions. If more questions arise in the field of kite travel boardbag, our staff is happy to help.