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Fins - for twintips and waveboards/ surfboards

We stock a large selection of Fins for Twintips as well as for Waveboards.

In general, you should always choose Fins of the corresponding brand from which you own the board when buying fins.
The distance between the srews of the twintip fins are standardized and therefore fit on all kiteboards.
However, there are still manufacturers who do not use the usual M6 screws, but use thinner screws with their fins.
Be sure to pay attention to your choice of Fins.

Standard size for twintip Fins usually are around 5cm. For a slightly looser driving experience, you buy a bit shorter Fins.

For Waveboard Finns there are 2 different systems to look out for when buying.
On the one hand, the FCS system, in which two grub screws fix the fin laterally. On the other hand,
the Future Fins system in which the fin is fixed only with a grub screw on the front edge.

The brand new FCS 2.0 system only requires the fins to be snapped into the board. FCS 1.0 fins can still be used here.

Qualitatively there are much bigger differences with the Waveboard Fins than with the Twintip Fins.
The different materials are also noticeable when driving with the Waveboard. For a beginner it´s barely noticable whether you´re using a carbon fibre fin or plain PVC.