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Slingshot Kites - The kite response from Hood River

The Slingshot brand is undoubtedly the American kite innovation leader that not only produces kites, but also kiteboards and wakeboards in its own kiteboarding factory. The production of kiteboards takes place in the so-called distillery, so Slingshot has named the kiteboard factory. The headquarters of the Kiteboarding Company is located in Hood River, Oregon, directly on the Columbia River, where it can be tested almost daily on the doorstep. For a long time, slingshot kites were primarily located in the core area of ​​kitesurfing.

Only with the development of the Slingshot Kite Rally the hurdle in the width of Kitesurf Sports was overcome. The Slingshot Kite RPM then brought the brand's huge success in the market. Youri Zoon won the world champion title in 2011 + 2012 with the Slingshot RPM and Mario Carlos again clinched the world title in 2016 with this kite.

In 2016, the SST Wave Kite added another model specifically for wave kiteboarding. In parallel, Slingshot developed one of the largest Hydro-Foil Kiteboarding collections and probably became the market leader in Germany right from the start in 2016. This new development of Kiteboarding also influences the size of the kites, so the Slingshot Kite Turbine is available from 2017 onwards in small sizes and up to the 19 sqm kite. The size of the SST Wave Kite has also been extended in depth.

The Chopstick Sentinel Bar was also added in 2016 to the tried and tested kite bar with an overhead adjuster solution. The bar is compatible with all kites like Slingshot Kite Rally, Slingshot Kite RPM, Slingshot Kite Turbine and Slingshot Kite SST Wave and leaves nothing to be desired. The bar is optimized with 3 variations in width and line length to generate maximum performance from each kite.

For 2018 Slingshot plans a special kite for hydro-foil kiteboarding. Who would have thought that there would ever be a Slingshot Soft-Kite! - We carry all Slingshot Kites, Kiteboards, Wakeboards, Bars and Hydro-Foil Kiteboards in our Kiteshop. Whether you want to buy a new kite, test kite or a slingshot kite on sale, we have it for you online or in kiteshop Berlin.