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Seat Harness - Men There are 38 products.

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Showing 1 - 38 of 38 items

Seat Harness - Men

Just like the mens waist harness, the good fit in a seat harness is of great importance.

A mens seat harness is clearly the more comfortable option. The harness will not slide up because the seat harness has extra leg straps that hold it in place.
Especially as a kite beginner a mens seat harness has great benefits, since you will have the kite mostly right above you and the harness then tends to slide up.
The harness hook is the lower on a seat harness than on waist harness. This significantly shortens the way to the upper end of the depower line.
Especially smaller persons, or men with shorter arms therefore like to ride a seat harness.

Often the mens seat harness is also simply stamped as a beginner's harness. Of course this is completely incorrect.
Whether you want to grab a waist or a seat harness, is up to you, it is purely a matter of taste. The seat harness has advantages and disadvantages as well as the waist version.

We also have so-called hybrid harnesses in the assortment. These are seat harness and waist harness at the same time.
These are usually full waist harnesses with extra leg straps. Thus, you have the advantages of of a seat harness, so that the harness does not slide up.
In the later part of your kite career, you can then simply remove the extra straps and thus transforms your seat harness into a waist harness.

We have nearly all men seat harnesses, which the market has to offer, in stock, in order to be able to offer you a particularly broad assortment.

If you still have questions about mens seat harnesses, our expert staff is happy to help.