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    • Single / Day Boardbags

      Single / Day Boardbags

      Each of your kiteboards and waveboards should get their own single boardbag. When loading and unloading in the car, you hit the board once against an edge and then has scratches or in the worst case even a dent in the board.
      In addition, the boardbag also protects your car from dirt and scratches. You can easily stick your board in the board bag and preserve the board.

      Single boardbags are available for both twintips and waveboards. Of course, when buying, you should make sure that the size of the board bag fits your board.

      The kiteboards and waveboards always fit into the single boardbags fully assembled, i.e. with all fins and bindings.

      The single / day boardbags are not suitable for air transport. If you want to go on vacation with your own material, you will find something suitable in the category Kite Travel Boardbag.

    • Kite Travel Boardbag

      Kite Travel Boardbag

      If you want to go on vacation with your own kite gear, you will not be able to get past a kite travel boardbag.
      All kite equipment fits into in the Travel Boardbag.

      The Travel Boardbags come in many different sizes and qualities. The padding of the boardbags is available in different strengths.
      With thicker padding, your gear is of course protected better, but the bag weighs a little more. Most travel boardbags are equipped with wheels, which greatly simplifies transportation.

      Especially with the Travel Boardbags, make sure that your longest board and the bag are about the same size. Of course, you can buy the Travel Boardbag a little bigger to take more luggage with you.
      However, if the boardbag is significantly longer than the kiteboard, it will be a pain to pull it, because it will partially drag on the floor.

      Exact descriptions of the travel boardbags you will find in the corresponding article descriptions. If more questions arise in the field of kite travel boardbag, our staff is happy to help.

    • Waveboardbags


      An extra category for the waveboard enthusiasts among you. We have a large selection of special Waveboardbags just for you.

      If you want to travel with a Waveboard, you also need an extra bag for your surfboards. Waveboardbags usually have an even thicker padding to best protect the sensitive waveboards.
      In addition, the Waveboardbags are alot larger than the usual kite travel boardbags. Even if you already have a pretty big travel boardbag, it probably will not be sufficient for a waveboard by the width.
      The Waveboardbags also have wheels for easier transport.

      Of course, exactly the same applies to the single / day wavebagbags. Unfortunately, because the airlines handle luggage quite roughly, a single waveboard bag is not enough to fly.

      If you still have questions about Waveboardbags, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Sport & Reise Taschen
    • Backpacks


      We also have a large assortment of backpacks, so that really every taste can be served.
      From school backpacks and skate backpacks to laptop backpacks and even special waterproof backpacks we have everything in stock.

      The school backpacks have many small pockets for perfect organization. Of course, all backpacks are flexibly adjustable to ensure an optimal fit on the back.
      With extra padded back parts also more weight is comfortable to wear. All laptop backpacks have a separate, padded compartment for the computer that is well protected.

      Our fashion backpacks are the perfect companion for everyday life, as well as for all special tasks.

      Exact descriptions and features of the backpacks can of course be found in the respective article descriptions. And if you still have questions about backpacks, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

    • Hip & Messenger Bags
    • Wallets
    • Pencil case
    • Dakine Rucksäcke

    Kitebags & Backpacks

    We stock an extremely broad assortment of backpacks and kite-bags. From single boardbags, to every variant of travel bag,
    to fashion backpacks, hip packs, pencil cases and purses, we have everything in stock.

    In single boardbags a kite board or wave board is always in place and is thus well protected for transport to the spot.

    A travel boardbag, or travelbag, is absolutely essential if you want to take your own gear on vacation. Travel boardbags offer a sufficient amount of padding,
    so that after the rough handling of the airlines, all parts of the equipment remain intact.
    In addition, usually provided with wheels, they facilitate the transport of your kite luggage immensely.

    We also have an extremely large selection of backpacks for you. Whether you need a backpack for your kitestuff, or have nothing to do with kite surfing and just need a new trendy backpack.
    Here you are exactly right. Accessory cases, pencil cases, hip packs and much more are available in the same designs, so you can match everything perfectly.

    Should more questions arise in the field of Kitebags & Backpacks, of course, our staff is happy to help.