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Griptape - Longboard

Whether you want to put together a new longboard, or if you have destroyed your old griptape, here´s the right category for you.
We have griptape available for you in many varieties. Griptape with normal grain size is usually enough for normal everyday use and for normal cruising.
In the downhill area, or if you want to slide a lot, griptape with extra rough grain can be an advantage. If you put this Griptape on your everyday board, you will more likely tear your clothes and hands.

If you've chosen a deck that has a beautiful texture on the top, or even a printed design, it would be a shame to cover it with black griptape. For this purpose we have transparent Griptape in the assortment.

Of course, all griptapes are always self-adhesive and can be applied very easily.

For all beginners among you: To apply, free the top of the deck from all dirt, so the Griptape will stick properly. Then simply affix it bubble-free.
Then you´ll have to run an screwdriver around the edges with force. Next, the griptape can be simply cut to the shape of the deck with a cutter on the edge. Finished!

If you have any further questions about Griptape, our expert staff is happy to help.