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Neoprene Coats, Neoprene Jackets and Neoprene Hoodies for Kiting, Surfing & SUP

Neoprene jackets, neoprene hoodie and neoprene coats are an essential part of Coronation's neoprene range.

What can a neoprene coat, a neoprene jacket or a neoprene hoodie do and what do I need it for?

As an additional warming layer when kiting or during the break between two sessions, a neoprene coat is sometimes worth its weight in gold. This way you won't cool down so quickly, you'll defy the wind chill or stay warm enough for a second round of surfing. Kite instructors also swear by a neoprene jacket, a neoprene hoodie or a neoprene coat if they are in and on the water the whole day. Neoprene coats, neoprene jackets and neoprene hoodies are wind and water repellent and usually have a practical hole for your harness hook as well as a hood.

Which model is right for me?

Whether you prefer a neoprene coat, neoprene jacket or neoprene hoodie depends on the use. You should be aware of the fact that when kiting you will only get limited access to your safety leash if you wear the harness under your jacket. For safety reasons we therefore recommend that you wear the harness over your neoprene jacket. For longer stays on the beach in uncomfortable weather, a longer break or as a kitesurf instructor you may want to choose a neoprene coat. In addition, there are lighter models with 2mm neoprene or real Sharkskins.

At Coronation you will find the popular neoprene coats, neoprene jackets and neoprene hoodies from brands such as ION, Mystic or Prolimit for men or with a feminine cut for women.