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Men's Impact Protection Vest - Impact Vest

At the latest, if you dare to do your first tricks, it's time for your first vest. Even with tricks from low altitude, it can be painful if you want to perfect them and repeatedly falls on the same spot. An impact protection vest can make many falls much more pleasant. The Men's Impact Protection Vest absorbs a great deal of the resulting energy.

In general, men's bumpers are chosen between models for waist harnesses and seat harnesses.

The impact protection vest for seat harnesses is also suitable for use in the wakeboard area. The padding ducrch down to the lower end in this type of vest and thus offers the highest level of impact protection. Of course this vest can also be used with a hip harness.

The vest for hip trapeze is missing the padding at the bottom. This allows the waist harness to sit much more pleasantly on the body. Especially if you are at the top end with the size of your trapeze, you should grab this variant of Impact Protection Vest to add as little material as possible between harness and body. Also, who has problems with the sliding up of the trapezoid, will be pleased with an impact vest for Hüfttrapeze. Due to the resulting edge to the first padding row of the impact protection vest, the slipping is even more prevented.

Impact protection vests, there are also with and without zipper. The vest with zipper makes getting started much easier. For this, impact protection vests without zippers sit much closer to the body and slip less.

In case of doubt, buy your impact vest a little tighter than bigger. Over time, the West gives way a little. And to prevent slippage of the trapeze and the impact protection vest, one always wears them a little firmer on the body.

Men's impact protection vests naturally also have a certain amount of lift due to their material. However, they are never full-fledged life jackets / buoyancy vests.

If you have any questions about men's anti-impact vest, our expert staff is of course available to help and advise.