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    • Depower-Softkites

      Snowkite / Landkite - Depower Softkite Shop

      Every for Snowkiting and Landkiting - For experts and beginners

      Do you know that ?: Your friends collect stamps, you collect snowkites and everything about snowkiting! Snowkiting and landkiting is what you secretly google from work, Snowkite magazines pile up on your table and vacation?
      Snowkiting all day and after snowkiting you have only one topic: Snowkiting! - Oh yes, and anyway, summer is only the warmer winter, your snow kite is always at hand.
      Snowkiting in the morning, snowkiting at noon, snowkiting in the evening and snowkiting, snowkiting, snowkiting !!! Snowkiting pure is everything you have in mind? Then you are exactly right here!

      We have the most common snowkites and of course the top brands are always in stock at the Snowkiteshop Berlin,
      plus a huge selection of harnesses, plenty of snowkites and always interesting testkite offers and if you have questions, we are happy to advise you personally!

    • Streetkites
    • Trainerkites


      In the field of trainer kites, we have an extremely wide range of products for you. From smaller 2 line kites for kids, or as a relaxed toy for the beach, to high-quality kitesurfing trainer kites, everything is in stock.

      The small trainer foil kites, which are flown with loops, are perfect for bringing the kitesport to the very young offspring.
      These little practice kites do not develop a lot of traction and are therefore easy to handle for any beginner.
      Especially if you just want to have some fun while standing with a trainer kite, the smaller models are especially popular because they are very manoeuvrable.
      In addition, with the small practice kites, you can have a lot of endurance and a long session, without a break, because you do not need much power to fly.

      The trainer kites with bar are a great way to prepare yourself for kitesurfing on the water. Exactly such trainer kites will be the first thing in your kite course.
      If you master the trainer kite blind and with one hand, you already have a very good feeling for the wind window and that is exactly what will get you ahead in the kite course.
      A good understanding of the wind is the alpha and omega.

      For trainer kites with bar there is also the 3 line version. The flight behavior of the 3 lines is absolutely the same as on 2 lines.
      The immense advantage of a 3 Line Trainer Kite is, that you can launch it backwards when it has crashed on the front edge.
      So running to your kite to flip it around to be able to launch it again has come to an end. In addition, the safety function of the trainer kite runs over this middle line.
      So when you release the bar in a dangerous situation, the trainer kite comes back to the ground, without doing thousands of loops.

      As a particularly nice side effect, the small practice kites and trainer kites also offer the option to combine them with a longboard, skateboard or inline skates, allowing you to be driven directly by the wind.

      Of course you will find more detailed descriptions directly in each article.

    • Trainerkites - Wasserstartfähig
    • Softkites - 4-Lines

      Softkites -Handlekites 4-Lines

      Also in the field of ​​the 4 Line Softkites aka Handlekites, we have a very large balanced assortment in stock.

      The 4 Line Softkites have a very large range of application. If you would like to start snowkiting or land-boarding,
      but a proper depower softkite is a bit too expensive in the beginning, a 4-line softkite / handlekite is just the thing you need.
      These softkites are also available in larger sizes that generate enough propulsion to pull you with a landboard, snowboard and even a buggy.
      If your focus is just that, you'll need to get a relatively large 4-line softkite. Of course, the size you should take depends on many factors.
      Inform yourself in advance, or just ask us, which size you need for which application. Of course, there are many different 4 Line Softkites with advantages and disadvantages.
      More details about the characteristics of the Softkites can be found in the corresponding article description.

      But even if you only use a soft kite whilst standing and do not want to be pulled, a 4-line soft kite is a good choice.
      With it`s 4 lines (2 flying lines and 2 brake lines), this type of soft kite offers you an enormous repertoire of maneuvers.
      For example, you can fly the 4 Line Softkite backwards by pulling the brake lines. Or you can set the radius of your loop by cleverly incorporating the brake lines into your steering maneuver.
      You will see that such a 4-line soft kite can be a lot of fun, even without being pulled on a board or buggy.

      If you have any questions about 4 Line Softkites, our expert staff is happy to help.

      We stock softkites of the following top brands, such as: HQ Powerkites, Peter Lynn, Zebra Kites, Ozone, Libre, Crosskites and Elliot.

    • Powerkites & Tractionkites

      Powerkites - Tractionkites - 4-Line Kites

      The power kites and traction kites are all about aerodynamic high-performance. With these kites, the maximum performance is taken out of the profile,
      using high-quality superlight fabric and the highest quality workmanship with which no production tolerances could be detected.

      The power kites fly through their optimal profile and are able to reach top speeds of over 100 km / h.

      The low weight of the power kites and tractionkites allows them to be significantly powerful and create a lot more propulsion.

      The top tractionkites of the brands HQ Powerkites, Peter Lynn, Zebra Dragons, Libre and Elliot can be bought here in our shop or online.

    • Lines

      Lines - Kitelines

      No matter if you have torn a kite line or if you only want to try out shorter or longer lines on your kite, this is your category .

      We offer you Kite Lines in different lengths and strengths for your Landkites.

      The breaking load you want to use for your soft kite depends on the size of the kite and what you want to do with the kite.
      If you want to use the kite for landkiting or snowkiting, it will usually be a little bit bigger anyway and should therefore be given stronger lines.
      The fact that you work a lot against the kite, the kite lines must be very stable. Also, you'll want to jump with the kite. The lines must be able to carry you.

      For smaller kites and if you are basically only kiting whilst standing, the kite lines may have a slightly lower breaking load.

      Depower Softkite frontlines usually have a higher breaking load than the brake lines (Backlines).

      The breaking load of kite lines is given either in decanewton (daN), kilopond (kp) or kilogram-force (kgf). Roughly you can transfer all these 3 units in the lines 1: 1,
      the minimum differences are absolutely negligible. (At least, as long as you kite on planet Earth;))

      If you have any questions about Kite Lines, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Bars & Handles

      Bars & Handles

      We have put together various kite bars & kite handles for you. No matter if you need new ones or you want to upgrade to better ones, here you will find what you are looking for.

      The kite handles have different sizes, which you should choose depending on the size of the kite.

      The kite bars you find here in the section are not bars for depower kites. These are kite bars that you can mount on your 4 Line and 2 Line softkites. This is especially useful if your soft kite is designed to let you ride on a board or inline skates, as you can then ride with one hand, which is not possible with kite handles. Thus, you have a hand free and are much more comfortable on the road.

      If you still have questions about Kite Bars & Handles, our expert staff is of course available to give you advice and assistance.

    • Accessories
    • Snowkite Boards


      A snowkiteboard has a special outline that is optimized for snowkiting. The even, very slight waist line of the board allows the board to ride smoothly on the edge,
      while normal snowboards want to go upwind permanently, a snowkiteboard will stay in your preferred direction. In addition, snowkiteboards are absolutely symmetrical,
      you are exactly in the middle of the board, nose and tail are 100% identical, there is no back and front.

      If you are serious about snowkiting, you will also land on a snowkiteboard.

    • Mountainboards / Landboards / ATB

      Mountainboards - Landboards - ATB (All Terrain Boards)

      Due to our large variety of brands in the field of mountainboards / Landboard, we can serve everyone from Landboard beginners to ambitious professionals.
      There are several different models available in each price range, so any Landboard enthusiast will find what they are looking for.

      The mountainboards and landboards are originally from the downhill area. The ATBs are therefore ideally suited to not having to give up the slopes in the mountains even in summer.
      At least for those of you who dare to do so without the soft snow buffer.

      The landboards are also ideally suited for country kiting. If you do not always want to make your way to the sea, or to the lake, or just live too far away, then a Landboard is a successful investment.
      Just pack the Landboard and off to the meadow behind the house or to the next field to start the fun.
      Depending on how smmoth the terrain that you´re riding is, landboarding can work in much less wind than on the water.
      If you can already kitesurf on the water, you will get it on land as well.

      Of course, the mountainboards / landboards have different lengths, shapes, etc., which is best for you, can be difficult to say.
      Longer landboards are of course less agile and smoother to ride and therefore offer advantages in the freeride and race area.
      Shorter A shorter mountain board is more manoeuvrable and of course much lighter and therefore has its advantages quite clear freestyle range.

      If you want to start kitelandboarding, you will have fun with every Landboard. Only when it emerges, which style you like the most, will some advantages arise on some landboards.

      All Moutainboards / Landboards are of course also mounted in our shop in Berlin, so you can take a look and get a real picture.

      If you still have questions about Landboards / ATB, our expert staff is happy to help.

      We have Moutainboards from the following top brands: MBS Mountainboards, Next Boarding, Raid, Zebra, Kheo, Scrub and Libre.

    • Mountainboard Decks

      Mountainboard Decks - Landboard Decks

      The different mountainboard decks differ in shape, length, width and flex. Shorter decks stand for easy handling, maneuverability, low weight and maximum freestyle capability.
      Longer Landboard decks give up some maneuverability, but in conjunction with higher-quality axles gain smoothness for higher speeds.
      However, the choice of mountainboard deck is also a personal matter of taste, even for the flex of the Landboard Deck is only conditionally the body weight, the basis for decision.

    • Mountainboard Trucks

      Mountainboard Trucks - Landboard Trucks

      You broke a Landboard truck during the last session? Or is it just time to upgrade? Then you are exactly right here!

      We have different Landboard / Mountainboard trucks in our assortment so you can pimp your mountainboard properly.
      From very light, simple Skatestyle trucks to absolutely high-quality trucks with spring steering systems, everything is in stock.

      Skatestyle trucks have the great advantage that they weigh very little and therefore have their advantage quite clearly in the freestyle area.
      But also for every freeride session the steering behavior of the skate style trucks is enough.

      The more complex mountainboard trucks with spring steering systems have a significantly smoother steering behavior and are also much more stable at high speeds.
      Thus, this type of truck is the clear favorite for race and freeride. Speed ​​freaks would prefer to use this kind of truck. Of course, you can also freestyle with such a Landboard truck.

      Whether you´re going landboarding, downhill mountainboarding or dirt obstacle boarding, the choice of your mountainboard truck is of course still a personal matter of taste.

      If you still have questions about Landboard trucks, our expert staff is happy to help.

      Available in our shop or online, the mountainboard trucks - Landboard trucks of the top brands MBS, Zebra, Next Boarding, Phat Ass, Kheo and Libre.

    • Wheels

      Mountainboard Wheels - Landboard Wheels

      We have all the usual sizes and variants of Landboard wheels in stock. Whether you've cracked a rim, or just want to pimp up your board with colored or better rims, this is your category!

      Landboard / Mountainboard rims are available in 2 different sizes. There are matching rims for 8" tyres, as well as for 9" tyres.
      However, the 8 "rims are much more common on the landboards, with the smaller wheels increasing agility significantly and significantly reducing weight.

      All Landboard rims are always divisible along the middle to facilitate tire assembly.

      If you have any questions about Landboard / Mountainboard rims, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Mountainboard tyres & inner tubes

      Mountainboard / Landboard tyres & inner tubes

      The biggest wear parts of the mountain / landboards are clearly the tyres and inner tubes. Therefore, we have many different models in stock to meet every preference.
      Even if your tyres have not gone down completely, but you just want to pimp your board with colored mountainboard tyres, this is the category for you.

      The only basic differentiation in Landboard / Mountainboard tyres and inner tubes are the size. They are available in 8 "(200mm) and 9" (230mm).
      The bigger 9 "tyre make a lot of sense, for example, if you're riding a lot on the beach on relatively soft sand or if you want to ride on very rough ground,
      then the tyre does not sink too deep in the sand and you do not need that much pull from the kite. In a very uneven field, a big tyre can give you an advantage as well.

      When used on solid ground such as tar surfaces, of course one chooses a mountainboard tyre with more profile or more material for abrasion.
      These mountainboard tyres are also heavier, but last longer.

      If you still have questions about mountainboard / Landboard tires and hoses, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Mountainboard Bearings

      Mountainboard Bearings - Landboard Bearings

      If you are riding a lot on uneven meadows with your mountainboard / landboard, sometimes one or the other ball bearing on your mountainboard gets broken.
      With frequent Landkiteboarding on the beach, the sand and the salty humidity damages your bearings.

      The ball bearings are thus permanent wear parts, therefore we have all current Mountainboard ball bearing sizes for ATBs / Kitelandboards available.

      There are a lot of different ball bearings for mountainboards. Very important here are the different internal and external diameters.
      When buying a ball bearing, pay attention to wgich the truck is mounted. It is also important, whether it is a large or small outer diameter.

      Best you measure your ball bearing before the new purchase and compare exactly with the stock, which you want to buy.

      If you do not have an old bearing available, the axle diameter and the dimension of the ball bearing fit in the rim must be determined thoroughly.

      If you still have questions about mountainboard ball bearings for ATB's and kite boards, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Straps


      We stock a wide selection of foot straps for your ATBs.

      There are foot straps both with Velcro, as well as with plastic ratchets. Which foot strap is the right one for you is a matter of taste.
      If only you personally use your Landboard, a velcro footstrap will be enough. A foot strap with plastic ratchets can be adjusted significantly more comfortable.
      This type of strap is the best option, if several people use a Landboard.

      ATB foot straps generally fit on boards from different manufacturers. So you're welcome to mix here.

      If you still have questions about foot straps for ATBs, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • Mountainboards nach Marken

    Snow & Landkiting

    We offer everything you need for snowkiting and landkiting. From Landboards / ATBs and Snowkiteboards, to Depower Softkites, Handlekites and Trainerkites, to all spare parts and wearing parts,
    which you may need in the field of Snowkite / Landkite and Landboard. Due to our very large brand variety, we offer you an extra wide assortment in the Landkite area.
    We have kites and boards in every price range. So we have equipment for both beginners and experts. Whether you want to start snowkiting or land-boarding, or are just looking for a little kite in the country for fun, we stock everything.

    In this section you will find professional depower kites you need for land boarding and snowkiting, smaller softkites that are both land-based and fun when you just fly standing up.
    We also have a large selection of small 2 Line Kites, so that even the younger ones can have fun with a kite.

    Also with the landboards we stock all big name manufacturers to be able to serve every skill level. The landboards are suitable for country kiting, windsurfing in the country and of course for brute downhill riding in the mountains.
    More detailed descriptions and explanations can be found in the corresponding Landboard category as well as in the individual articles.

    Those who are a little bit more serious about snowkiting will not be able to avoid a special snowkiteboard.

    Also spare parts for all Softkites, as well as the Landboards are available in abundance.

    If you have any questions about snow kiting or country kiting, our expert staff is happy to help.