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Ozone is one of the top brands in kiteboarding

Originally coming from the paragliding sector, Ozone Kites has quickly made a name for itself in the kite industry with its aerodynamic and technical experience. Knowing more than 10 years in the paragliding sector and also several years in the foil sector, make Ozone one of the most innovative companies on the market. Ozone produces water kites, land kites, snow kites and foil kites of the highest technical level with unique quality, durability and performance. We have the latest models, constantly changing offers as well as 2nd Hand Ozone Kites in stock at the Kite-Shop Berlin and will be pleased to advise you as your personal Ozone-Kites-Dealer of Trust!

Ozone Kites Production - Quality First

Ozone is one of the few manufacturers that can operate largely independently of market events through its own production facilities. Ozone excludes overproductions as only ordered material is produced. No full bearings mean a stable value for used kites for the customer. Ozone products are only available when they are fully developed and the developers think they are marketable. Therefore, Ozone does not offer its kites by year (2015/2016/2017 ..), but in development versions (V4 / V5 / V6 ...). Only with real advancement the new version of an Ozone kite will be launched.

Ozone Kites - Innovators of Snow Kites & Water Kites

Since Ozone dealt with kites, Ozone has featured some of the most innovative Water Kites & Snow kites launched on the market and the kite world several times significantly changed:

  • The Ozone Frenzy and Fenzy Ultralight was the first open film kite with Depower, revolutionizing the future of Foil Sports as the first depower soft kite of its kind.
  • The Ozone C4 was the first scale-supported Bridle C kite to hit the market like a bomb.
  • The Ozone Uno was Tubekite's first coach on the market.
  • With the Ozone Zephyr , Ozone launched the first truly functional 17m², light wind-specific Water Kite, which continues today with its simple & ill-suited nimble handling from its competitors.
  • The Ozone Edge has the meaning of the term Power & High performance lifted to a new level! Seven world championship titles confirm that.
  • The Ozone Reo pure & Radical Wave Kite popularizes the surf kites world and is still an icone in the world of kiteboarding and wave riding.
  • Today we continue with these innovations and the dawn of a new era and the Ozone Chrono & Chrono Ultralight: the first Depower Race Foil Water Kite of its kind. The Ozone Chrone V2 wins everything in the Race World Cup and is not without reason, as the new reference for all Depower soft kites on which other manufacturers have to compete.

Whether you want to buy a new kite, test kite, or Ozone kite on sale, we have it for you online or at Kiteshop Berlin & Of course, we will advise you personally on all other kiteboarding, SUP and kitesurfing questions!