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    • Sets Board+Paddle

      Sets Board+Paddle - SUP

      You have discovered the SUP sport, but you do not want to spend hours on the Internet to find out which SUP board or SUP paddle is right for you?
      Then our SUP starter sets will be exactly what you need.

      We constantly put together changing SUP sets of board and paddle, so you just have to click, unpack and inflate.
      Board and paddle sets are available for all budgets, riding styles and riding skills. Here you can be sure that your equipment is perfectly matched.
      The sets include: SUP board, paddle, pump, repair set, fin and of course the right bag for the board.

      Here are some informations about the SUP board and SUP paddle, for all those who still want a little introduction to the topic.

      If you still have questions about SUP, our expert staff is of course always available to help and advise.

    • Inflatable Boards

      Inflatable Boards

      You really want to buy a SUP board, but you lack the space? Then an inflatable SUP board is just right for you.
      The technology of the Inflatable SUP Boards is so good that they are in no way inferior to their regular colleagues.
      Especially for SUP enthusiasts with apartments in the city, an inflatable SUP is often the only solution, because a hardboard does not fit through the corridor, let alone in the apartment or in the basement.
      All shapes that are available as hardboards are also available as inflatables. The fact that inflatable SUPs have already won against hardboards in races, should convince any last doubter.

      All Inflatable SUP Boards come with backpack, fin, repair kit and pump. The SUP boards are easily pumped to the prescribed air pressure with the pump
      and you're ready to go. The Inflatable SUP Boards are available in different thicknesses. Most manufacturers distinguish between a height of 4" (about 10cm) and 6" (about 15cm).
      Riders from 70kg upwards should get the 6 "Inflatable SUP Boards.


      The most common shape is of course allround. With this SUP board you can ride pretty much in every condition.
      They are best suited for the "normal paddler", who would like to take a little SUP on the lake or on the sea,
      but maybe even try surfing with his Inflatable SUP Board. Of course, the Allround SUP boards are also suitable for small tours.
      The Allround SUP boards are also often used as a bathing island for the whole family. The length is selected by rider weight.
      There mostly are boards in 3-4 different sizes. The medium size is for the 70-80kg paddler. But of course, even a small person will be able to cope with a longer inflatable SUP board.
      The general motto is "the longer, the easier". Longer boards are therefore always easier to ride because they are smooth and not too manoeuvrable.

      Most newcomers want to go on tours with their inflatable SUP boards. Inflatable Touring SUP Boards are clearly the best choice here.
      They are mainly characterized by their size. The standard size for a Touring SUP is usually 12.6 ", and the Touring SUP boards are narrower than the Allrounders,
      which means that they are very stable and also glide much faster, and most touring boards have rubber strings for attaching various luggage.

      Depending on the waters, Inflatable Race SUP boards are also suitable for longer tours. The shape is very similar to the touring boards, but the Race SUP boards are much narrower and therefore harder to ride.
      So if you use the Race SUP Board, you should already have some SUP experience, or you should have a very good sense of balance. Due to their narrow width,
      they can reach even higher speeds. The main area of ​​application for these SUP boards is, of course, clearly the competition in the race or the competition with friends.

      Inflatable Wave SUP boards are much shorter than the 3 other mentioned shapes and therefore very agile.
      In the waves, the Wave SUP boards clearly shows it´s full potential. For longer tours they are not suitable because of their maneuverability.

    • Hardboards

      Hardboards - SUP

      No matter how good the inflatable SUP boards are, the hardboards are better! Clearly!

      So if you're one of the people lucky enough to have enough space for a SUP hardboard, or even live close to the water, then this is the place for you!

      The SUP Hardboards differ in the construction of conventional surfboards. There are also boards with a foam core laminated with fiberglass or carbon fiber.
      The better boards are characterized mainly by many other components in the design. For example, they have a wood veneer or cork reinforcements that make the board significantly more impact-resistant.

      Also the SUP Hardboards come in the usual shapes for Allround, Wave, Touring and Race.

      As a SUP beginner, who is not quite sure in which direction it should go later, you are of course in good hands with an Allround SUP Hardboard.
      It is ideal for easy cruising, touring and of course to have fun in the waves. You will most likely not win a race with an Allround SUP though.

      If you have questions about SUP Hardboards, our expert staff will be happy to help and advise you.

    • Paddle 2-pcs adjustable

      Paddel 2-pcs adjustable

      The two-piece adjustable paddle is the most commonly used form of SUP paddle. Most paddles can usually be adjusted from 160cm - 220cm.

      The two-piece paddles are the right choice for families, as well as all other Paddle boarders who want to share a board with one or more people.
      Depending on the paddle, the lengths can be adjusted completely stepless or with a lock function to various levels.
      Of course, the two-piece adjustable paddle is also of great advantage when it comes to transportation. Not everyone has the space for a fix paddle , if you want to SUP at another spot.

      The paddles are made of different materials depending on price and quality. In the low price range, the paddles are made of aluminum.
      Of course, the aluminum paddles are the toughest and best equipped for bad handling and bumping. The disadvantage here, however, is the relatively high weight of the paddles.

      Somewhat higher quality and lighter are the fibreglass paddles. These paddles already have a much more comfortable weight, but are not yet very shock sensitive.
      Often there are the glass fibre paddles in combination with a wood veneer.

      The highest quality and lightest paddles are made of carbon fibre. There is either a carbon and glass fibre mix or 100% carbon.
      The higher the carbon percentage, the lighter the paddle. In addition, carbon has higher restoring forces than glass fiber and thus also significantly more performance.
      With a paddle stroke, the most energy is converted into propulsion.

      Of course, the correct blade size should be chosen. Roughly speaking, a heavier driver also takes the bigger blade.
      But it also depends very much on whether you go in waves (large blade for stability), a race (short distance = large blade, long distance = small blade) or just want to cruise.
      When simply cruising, it's basically a matter of taste whether you're going for frequency with a small blade or power with a bigger one.

      If you have any further questions about two-piece adjustable paddles, we are of course always available.

    • Paddle 3-pcs adjustable

      Paddle 3-pcs adjustable

      If you chose an Inflatable SUP Board, it was probably the small pack size that convinced you.
      With an inflatable SUP you can also easily travel by plane. But if you only have a two-piece paddle or even a fixed paddle,
      then you have to register bulky luggage again and the packing size advantage has disappeared.
      This is where a 3pcs adjustable paddle comes in handy. It can, as the name promises, disassemble into 3 parts and then fits into the backpack of your SUP board.
      Of course, the small pack size is not only useful when flying, even in the car, no paddle must be pushed through all the rows of seats, but is conveniently located in the trunk space.

      All other advantages and disadvantages of variability can be completely transferred from the two-piece paddles.
      The paddles are adjustable in size and can be used by several people. Of course, the variability in length is also an advantage if you want to try different paddle lengths in different conditions.

      A more detailed introduction to the different materials and sizes can be found in the text for the 2-part variable paddles.

      If you have any further questions about 3-part variable paddles, our expert staff will be happy to assist you.

    • Carbon Paddel
    • Paddle Fix

      Paddle Fix - not adjustable

      For every ambitious driver, a fixed paddle is a must!

      A fixed paddle is cut to length and the handle glued in place. It is then no longer adjustable. It can therefore only be used by people with the same height.

      Of course, this type of paddle also has it´s benefits. A fixed paddle has the best rigidity and tangles under force significantly less than a adjustable or three-piece paddle.
      This has the advantage, especially in the ambitious area, that the entire energy that is put into one shot actually results in propulsion.
      In addition, fixed paddles have the least weight, since they can save the parts otherwise required for variability.

      Every SUP enthusiast who mainly uses his own board and paddle has many advantages when choosing a fixed paddle.

      If you have any further questions about fixed paddles, our expert staff is happy to help.

    • SUP Accessories

      SUP Accessories

      Of course, we also offer all the accessories you need for SUP Boarding. From thin neoprene clothing for spring to autumn, to dry suits for SUPping in winter,
      to bags and smaller accessories around the topic SUP, we have everything for you in stock.

      Also, when it is relatively warm, a thin wetsuit, or neoprene pants and top, can be of great advantage. With warm joints, the paddling is much easier and you can extend your session by a few hours.

      The special drysuits for the SUP Sport are distinguished by a few features of conventional drysuits.
      The most uncomfortable thing about a drysuit is the very tight latex neck seal, which is necessary to prevent water from entering the suit even when you hit the water at higher speeds.
      However, as you won´t fall into the water whilst SUPping at high speeds, you do not need the very tight latex neck, as your head will probably stay above water.
      The 2 alternatives are a neoprene neck seal, which is still tight in low-speed bails, or the neck opening without a cuff that simply closes tightly.
      On the arms and legs the completely tight latex seals are preserved in both cases. The essential waterproof zipper is also installed on all SUP drysuits.
      Furthermore, there is still the possibility to install any accessories such as other cuffs, pee zippers etc. with all SUP drysuits.

      If you have any further questions about SUP accessories, our expert staff is of course available to help you.

    • SUP drysuits

      SUP drysuits

      With a SUP drysuit the SUP sport becomes a year-round sport. A SUP drysuit is made of very lightweight, waterproof and mostly breathable materials.
      In combination with functional underwear, the well-being can be adapted to almost all outside temperatures.

      If you supplement the SUP drysuit with neoprene shoes, gloves and neoprene hat, training or rehabilitation with the SUP can be continued all year round.

    • SUP Foiling

      SUP Foiling - Foiling with SUP Boards

      SUP Foiling is the future of water sports!

      When Kai Lenny, the eight-time SUP World Champion, posted a video of the first SUP hydrofoiling in 2016, he completely overturned the SUP world and at the same time developed it further. He believes that this has completely changed his previous perspective of the ocean.

      With SUP Foiling you feel like flying on water. Combining the SUP Board with the Hydrofoil means developing a higher speed. SUP Foiling is a completely new experience also for the kitesurf / surf / hydrofoil advanced and enthusiastic.

    • SUP Boards nach Marken

    bANNER SUP Stand-up-Paddle 580px

    SUP - Stand Up Paddle Shop Berlin

    SUP (Stand Up Paddling) is a water sport where you can stand on a longer surfboard and move with the help of a piercing paddle.
    Whether it´s on the ocean, on lakes or rivers, shallow water or in waves, just for fun, for fitness or fishing. In our SUP Shop Berlin you will find everything you need.

    SUPping is easy and it's fun and healthy! The versatility, the minimal effort and the fitness factor make SUPping one of the fastest growing water sports that can be run anywhere:
    all you need is a board, a paddle and water ... let's get on the SUP with the SUP Shop Berlin.

    And with an iSup (inflatable SUP) you do not even need much space. Simply board out of the backpack, pump up and go !! Everything at our SUP Shop Berlin.

    Our SUP Stand Up Paddles brands include: Naish, Fanatic, RED Paddle, Vandal, RRD, JP Australia, Gaastra GA, Jobe and Oukai.