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Inflatable Boards

You really want to buy a SUP board, but you lack the space? Then an inflatable SUP board is just right for you.
The technology of the Inflatable SUP Boards is so good that they are in no way inferior to their regular colleagues.
Especially for SUP enthusiasts with apartments in the city, an inflatable SUP is often the only solution, because a hardboard does not fit through the corridor, let alone in the apartment or in the basement.
All shapes that are available as hardboards are also available as inflatables. The fact that inflatable SUPs have already won against hardboards in races, should convince any last doubter.

All Inflatable SUP Boards come with backpack, fin, repair kit and pump. The SUP boards are easily pumped to the prescribed air pressure with the pump
and you're ready to go. The Inflatable SUP Boards are available in different thicknesses. Most manufacturers distinguish between a height of 4" (about 10cm) and 6" (about 15cm).
Riders from 70kg upwards should get the 6 "Inflatable SUP Boards.


The most common shape is of course allround. With this SUP board you can ride pretty much in every condition.
They are best suited for the "normal paddler", who would like to take a little SUP on the lake or on the sea,
but maybe even try surfing with his Inflatable SUP Board. Of course, the Allround SUP boards are also suitable for small tours.
The Allround SUP boards are also often used as a bathing island for the whole family. The length is selected by rider weight.
There mostly are boards in 3-4 different sizes. The medium size is for the 70-80kg paddler. But of course, even a small person will be able to cope with a longer inflatable SUP board.
The general motto is "the longer, the easier". Longer boards are therefore always easier to ride because they are smooth and not too manoeuvrable.

Most newcomers want to go on tours with their inflatable SUP boards. Inflatable Touring SUP Boards are clearly the best choice here.
They are mainly characterized by their size. The standard size for a Touring SUP is usually 12.6 ", and the Touring SUP boards are narrower than the Allrounders,
which means that they are very stable and also glide much faster, and most touring boards have rubber strings for attaching various luggage.

Depending on the waters, Inflatable Race SUP boards are also suitable for longer tours. The shape is very similar to the touring boards, but the Race SUP boards are much narrower and therefore harder to ride.
So if you use the Race SUP Board, you should already have some SUP experience, or you should have a very good sense of balance. Due to their narrow width,
they can reach even higher speeds. The main area of ​​application for these SUP boards is, of course, clearly the competition in the race or the competition with friends.

Inflatable Wave SUP boards are much shorter than the 3 other mentioned shapes and therefore very agile.
In the waves, the Wave SUP boards clearly shows it´s full potential. For longer tours they are not suitable because of their maneuverability.