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Kite Bars - Kitesurfing

Here you will find all the kite bars, to all kites that we have in our assortment.

The kite bar is the complete "steering unit" of the kite, including lines, chickenloop, etc.

In general, you should always buy the right bar for the kite. Especially for kite beginners this rule is very essential.
If you've been kitesurfing for a long time and have the necessary knowledge, you can definitely use bars of different brands for your kites.
But with extreme caution! The mixing of different brands of kites and bars can also be very dangerous!

Kite bars come in many varieties. They are available with 4 or 5 lines, with Single Front Line Safety or Double Front Line Safety,
in different widths and also with different lengths of leashes. Which safety system and whether you need a 4 or 5 line bar,
depends on the kite with which you want to use the bar. The bar is largely a matter of taste.
In general, however, you fly smaller kites with narrower bars, wider bars make the small, fast kites even faster. For large light wind kites, on the other hand,
you absolutely need a very wide bar so that the kites do not get too indirect. With the different line lengths, it is quite similar.
Short lines are more direct in steering, but take a bit of light-wind capability of the kite as they reduce the wind window.
For longer lines, the opposite applies. In general, the lengths of the lines of the bar vary between 17 and 31 meters. The first bar to buy is the standard length of 24 meters.