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Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items

Mountainboards - Landboards - ATB (All Terrain Boards)

Due to our large variety of brands in the field of mountainboards / Landboard, we can serve everyone from Landboard beginners to ambitious professionals.
There are several different models available in each price range, so any Landboard enthusiast will find what they are looking for.

The mountainboards and landboards are originally from the downhill area. The ATBs are therefore ideally suited to not having to give up the slopes in the mountains even in summer.
At least for those of you who dare to do so without the soft snow buffer.

The landboards are also ideally suited for country kiting. If you do not always want to make your way to the sea, or to the lake, or just live too far away, then a Landboard is a successful investment.
Just pack the Landboard and off to the meadow behind the house or to the next field to start the fun.
Depending on how smmoth the terrain that you´re riding is, landboarding can work in much less wind than on the water.
If you can already kitesurf on the water, you will get it on land as well.

Of course, the mountainboards / landboards have different lengths, shapes, etc., which is best for you, can be difficult to say.
Longer landboards are of course less agile and smoother to ride and therefore offer advantages in the freeride and race area.
Shorter A shorter mountain board is more manoeuvrable and of course much lighter and therefore has its advantages quite clear freestyle range.

If you want to start kitelandboarding, you will have fun with every Landboard. Only when it emerges, which style you like the most, will some advantages arise on some landboards.

All Moutainboards / Landboards are of course also mounted in our shop in Berlin, so you can take a look and get a real picture.

If you still have questions about Landboards / ATB, our expert staff is happy to help.

We have Moutainboards from the following top brands: MBS Mountainboards, Next Boarding, Raid, Zebra, Kheo, Scrub and Libre.