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Wave-Kiteboards - Waveboards

The twintip starts to bore you? Then the next step is clearly the purchase of a kite waveboard.
A waveboard is not only fun in the waves, but also if you want to try strapless freestyle in flat water.
Try to complete your first driving attempts and switching your front foot. Beginner Waveboards are characterized by their striking width and a relatively low rocker line.
At the same time that makes them wonderful lightwind boards. The wide footprint and the large volume of beginner waveboards make it easier to learn the change of foot after the change of direction.
Also, when you are ready for the wave, you don´t have to get a new waveboard. These boards are usually also for all waves that you will find in the North and Baltic Sea.

When the next Hawaii trip is around the corner, it's probably time for a more lively board. Of course, the high variety shapes on waveboards can be confusing for a novice.
Therefore, you will find in all article descriptions, the corresponding perfect field of application for the respective wave rider.

With the optimal size of the waveboard, the guidelines are somewhat similar to the twintip. The size range here is a bit more a matter of taste and close to the area in which they will be traveling with the board.
Roughly you could say, however, that the kite waveboards are selected by body weight. The individual manufacturers offer their waveboards in 3 different lengths. The medium size is intended for the "standard kiter" with 75-80kg.

In contrast to conventional surfboards, kite waveboards are much more robust and therefore a bit heavier. They also offer the possibility to mount foot straps.