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Longboard Trucks

Suitable for every longboard we offer you the right trucks. Doesn't matter if you want to upgrade your longboard only with high quality trucks,
or if you put together a completely new one, you will find everything here.

The Longboard usually uses reverse kingpin trucks / axles. The standard size for most boards is 180mm in width. Narrower axles are used only for very narrow or short cruiser longboards.
Wider trucks are mostly used in the Donwhill range. The angle of the baseplates of the trucks can also vary. The default is usually 42 ° or 50 ° installed.
Even smaller angles are significantly more stable and quiet running and therefore have an advantage in the downhill area again.

Furthermore, we have some slightly more specialized trucks, such as the Carver Trucks or the trucks of original longboards. Exact descriptions can be found in the corresponding article descriptions of the trucks.

As a rule of thumb: the narrower the trucks, the more agile the longboard will be. The opposite, of course, for wider trucks. The smaller the angle of the trucks, the stiffer the faster the ride.

If you still have questions about longboard trucks, our expert staff is of course with words and deeds to the side.