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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 items

Mountainboard Trucks - Landboard Trucks

You broke a Landboard truck during the last session? Or is it just time to upgrade? Then you are exactly right here!

We have different Landboard / Mountainboard trucks in our assortment so you can pimp your mountainboard properly.
From very light, simple Skatestyle trucks to absolutely high-quality trucks with spring steering systems, everything is in stock.

Skatestyle trucks have the great advantage that they weigh very little and therefore have their advantage quite clearly in the freestyle area.
But also for every freeride session the steering behavior of the skate style trucks is enough.

The more complex mountainboard trucks with spring steering systems have a significantly smoother steering behavior and are also much more stable at high speeds.
Thus, this type of truck is the clear favorite for race and freeride. Speed ​​freaks would prefer to use this kind of truck. Of course, you can also freestyle with such a Landboard truck.

Whether you´re going landboarding, downhill mountainboarding or dirt obstacle boarding, the choice of your mountainboard truck is of course still a personal matter of taste.

If you still have questions about Landboard trucks, our expert staff is happy to help.

Available in our shop or online, the mountainboard trucks - Landboard trucks of the top brands MBS, Zebra, Next Boarding, Phat Ass, Kheo and Libre.