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Women's Impact Protection Vest - Impact Vest

An impact protection vest can make many kitesurfing a lot more relaxed. Even if you practice your first tricks, many falls on the same spot can quickly become uncomfortable. A ladies impact protection vest can be of great advantage. The impact protection vest absorbs a lot of the resulting energy of the fall and makes it much less painful.

In general, a distinction is made between women's waist and seat harnesses for women's anti-impact vest. In the hip protection vest, the lower padding row is missing so that the harness can sit more comfortably on the vest. In addition, by the edge to the first padding row and the high slide of the trapezoid is further prevented. If you are with the size of your hip trapeze anyway with the size at the top, it will be an advantage that the ladies impact protection vest at this point is slightly thinner. In women's impact protection vest for seat harnesses, the padding goes all the way to the lower part of the vest.

In principle, an impact protection waist vest for hip harnesses has only one advantage. The consistently padded ladies impact protection vests can of course be used for hip harness. Especially for those of you who also wakeboard, this variant can be a good compromise, as you can then use the impact protection vest for both sports.

Also with impact protection vests it is extremely important to use a special ladies model. Of course, they differ fundamentally on average from a men's impact protection vest.

There are women's impact vests with zipper and without. The version with zipper facilitates entry into the impact protection vest. The vests without a zipper are much closer to the body and can therefore slip less.

Women's impact protection vests naturally also have a certain amount of lift due to their material. However, they are never full-fledged life jackets / buoyancy vests.

If you have any questions about women's impact protection vests, our expert staff is of course available to help and advise.