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Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items

Mountainboard / Landboard tyres & inner tubes

The biggest wear parts of the mountain / landboards are clearly the tyres and inner tubes. Therefore, we have many different models in stock to meet every preference.
Even if your tyres have not gone down completely, but you just want to pimp your board with colored mountainboard tyres, this is the category for you.

The only basic differentiation in Landboard / Mountainboard tyres and inner tubes are the size. They are available in 8 "(200mm) and 9" (230mm).
The bigger 9 "tyre make a lot of sense, for example, if you're riding a lot on the beach on relatively soft sand or if you want to ride on very rough ground,
then the tyre does not sink too deep in the sand and you do not need that much pull from the kite. In a very uneven field, a big tyre can give you an advantage as well.

When used on solid ground such as tar surfaces, of course one chooses a mountainboard tyre with more profile or more material for abrasion.
These mountainboard tyres are also heavier, but last longer.

If you still have questions about mountainboard / Landboard tires and hoses, our expert staff is happy to help.